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Tuesday, 06.06.2023 (19:00)

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Tuesday, 06.06.2023 (19:00)


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03.05.2012 · 00:00

Our Golden Cadets!

The Black and White Cadets are the best in Serbia! The final tournament of the ABS Electro cadet league of Serbia has been held in Cacak on the weekend of April 27-29, eight best teams of the league fought for the gold medal, and BC Partizan mt:s cadets won it. The Black and Whites beat Star from Novi Sad in a tight game, which was decided in the final minutes and the final score was very convincing 75:65. The Black and White cadets broke the dreams of a surprise to the guys from Novi Sad while the guys from the top of the league Red Star Belgrade and Hemofarm and Mladost Cacak got an early sweep although they hoped for higher achievements. In the semis, Partizan played against Zemun, traditionally tough opponents. The bet was the place in the finale, and both teams were highly motivated, but the scale was on the side of the guys in black and white jerseys as they had more experience and more quality. The first 20 minutes of the game were heavy but 20 points lead in the second half were more than enough for the calm finish of the game. Final score was 75:60 and depicted realistic difference in quality. The guys had one more step to the gold, NIBAC from Nis. The guys from Nis had suffered two defeats in the season that far and no one thought they would have made a surprise and beat the black and whites. The previous two games against NIBAC however, had much less importance than this one. The guys from Nis had a good start of the game, without pressure and any burden upon their hands and shoulders, while the black and white guys took some time to shake off the elbows and find the soft touch to hit from open positions, to get into running easy and control the game in their style. Point to point game in the first half brought us the same score 35:35 after 20 minutes. We had almost the same show in the beginning of the second sequel of the game. Partizan had a stubborn minimal lead and all that was expected was a break point and higher lead but the nervous hands could not fight the importance of the match and solve it earlier. Yet, the game was ended by free-throws and the score of 71:68 in favor of the Black and Whites was just as sweet and worthy as any other as the title of Champions is back. Cadets Head Coach of BC Partizan mt:s Goran Tadic was very pleased by the result. He did not even think of doubting the will and desire, not to mention quality of his players and he was confident of winning the gold from the first day. More important than anything is that the players believed in success, so that the gold was in reach and ours and had no chance of going into hands of others. This is the team that wins the medals in consistence; they first won the Pioneers silver, than Cadets bronze last year and now the Cadets gold. Tadic also congratulated to the players and the coaching staff, while BC Partizan mt:s management and friends of the club would also like to join the congratulations. The great success of the Black and White cadets came from great effort of the guys: Andrej Magdevski, Boža Babović, Vlada Milošević, Srđan Matić, Dušan Ranitović, Aleksa Jugović, Ognjen Jaramaz, Luka Popović, Srđan Ivić, Jovan Grujić, Nikola Kovačević, Nemanja Đođević, Andrej Kosić and Damjan Milošević. Quarterfinal Partizan mts - Star 75:65 (24:28, 11:8, 19:19, 21:10) Semifinal Partizan mts - Zemun 75:60 (17:21, 15:17, 33:10, 10:12) FINALE Partizan mts - NIBAC 71:68 (15:23, 20:12, 18:14, 18:19)