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02.02.2014 · 00:00

Cadets beat Real Madrid to win the Tournament

Black and white cadets took part in the international tournament in Hungary, which was held in Videoton. In addition to Partizan NIS were: Krka, Hungary U16 National Team, Cibona, Real Madrid, Flash, Bayern Munich and the Academy David Corner, who is also the host of the tournament. Cadets of the club were in group with Krka, Hungary U16 team and Cibona. In the first round overcome Krka by the score 90:58 (20:15, 26:18 , 23:9 , 21:16) . Stanišić S. 4p. Dukić S. 10p. Antić D. 1p. Glišić M. 11p. Acevski S. 2p. Marinković V. 15p. Tanasković N. 15p (9reb), Milinković M. -, Bojanić I. 12p, Vukojčić M. 2p, Hadzić I. 9p, Aničić F. 9p. MVP of the game was Tanasković Nikola. In the second round, black-and- whites were better than the U16 Hungary beating them score 83:70 (25:22, 20:20, 18:9, 20:19). Stanišić S. did not play, Dukić S. did not play, Antić D. 5p (7assists), Glišić M. 8p (8 reb), Acevski S. 1p, Marinković V. 37p, Tanasković N. 9p, Milinković M. -, Bojanić I. 8p, Vukojčić M. dnp, Hadzić I. 2p, Aničić F. 13p. In the battle for first place in the group mastered the game, Cibona score 92:84 (20:19 , 22:19, 17:28, 33:18 ) the match was decided after a big fight in the fourth quarter, Partizan lost a 12 point lead, but was followed by a series of six threes. Vanja Marinkovic hit as many as eight triples the shooting percentage of 62%. MVP of the match was declared Milos Glisic . Stanišić S. 7p, Dukić S. 2p, Antić D. -, Acevski S. dnp, Glišić M. 23p (9sk), Marinković V. 31p (8 triples), Tanasković D. 10p, Milinković M. dnp, Bojanić I. 9p (9reb, 3bl), Vukojčić M. dnp, Hadzić I. dnp, Aničić F. 10p. Black and white are also provided a great finale and fight with their peers from Real Madrid. In the match for winning the tournament were better coach Bojana Salatic guys who won against the Spanish team by the final score 80:77 (23:24 , 19:19, 17:15 , 21:19) . MVP of the final game was Filip Aničić (16p, 9r), and the Most Valuable Player of the tournament was elected Vanja Marinkovic who against Cibona put in 37p , 3p shot for 8/13 62 %, a day before 39p the match with the national team of Hungary U16. Stanisic S. 5p , Dukic S. 11p (7assist), Antic D. 5p , Glisic M. DNP Acevski S. DNP, Marinkovic V. 14p ( 12r ) , Tanasković N. 17p ( 13r ) , Milinkovic M. DNP Vukojčić M. DNP, Hadzic I.- , Bojanic I. 12P , Aničić F. 16p (9r) . "After the game with Cibona where we were really in the mood in the rubble of three points, it was unrealistic to repeat a similar appearance to that segment. The basic idea to kick as many balls in the paint and play solid defense Dončić, respected in most of the final game, especially in the last five minutes. Milos Glišića put a lot of effort, and to some extent compensate for absence of several injured players. The game was tight with a lot of contact with both sides. Real Madrid showed sumptuous talent in the entire tournament, I wish them much success in the coming seasons. The organization of the tournament was at the highest level, I thank the host for everything has been done. We hope to call in the coming years," , said the coach of Partizan cadets Bojan Salatić