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Sunday, 24.09.2023 (16:00)

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Sunday, 24.09.2023 (16:00)


Since the day of the foundation of the sports club, Partizan have been supported by loyal fans. The support has got an entirely new shape when Partizan have got an organized group of fans on stadium "JNA" in the seventies of the 20th century and later in all halls and events where "black and white family" ever played their matches at home, in Belgrade or away.

The name "GROBARI" ( "Gravediggers", in English ), which is the name of Partizan fans, has become as a try by rival supporters to mock on Partizan fans combining black colour of Partizan flags and the name of the street where Partizan Stadium and offices are situated, Humska 1 ( similar to "Entombment", in English).

Partizan fans did not have problems to accept the nickname which made rivals and their fans be intimidated, and the south stands of Partizan Stadium in Humska 1 has become a place where all the most passionate Partizan supporters gather for every match.

Partizan fans are organized in three big groups, "Grobari 1970", "Južni Front" (South Front) and "Grobari Belgrade" and they are all united in one big group called "Grobari Jug", nowadays.

These big groups are also divided in minor groups, and they are all formed to satisfy personal corelations of people and companies that are all gathered by unique "Black and White" love. Besides Belgrade fan groups, Partizan fans are also organized in all Serbian towns and communities, including Partizan fans sections all around Europe.

Basic principle of Grobari cheering is " Voices and Palms ", but besides numerous songs devoted to the club which makes Grobari unique, they do all the actions that are characteristic for an organized fan group.

"Samo tebi verni, samo tebi odani"

AcCording to a world-wide poll conducted on basketball clubs' representatives,the answer to the question "What do you think about fans of your club?" is the same for all. They all flatter to the fans talking cliches about unbelieavable support, loyalty, strength and atmosphere they get from them.

And when you scratch the surface, you find out that their love is commercial for the values of the fans who are paying tickets in order to watch matches of the club as it is a crucial money income for most clubs in the world.

If you add a revenue of sports items from clubs boutiques and enormous amount of money from food and drink sold at a hall stands consumed by a fan while cheering "fanatically" for the club, it is crystal clear to all of us that the "love" between fans and clubs is something way different to "the real love" and simply gets into the gold-digging and budget adjusting.

Many European and World basketball clubs' representatives consider the relation of GROBARI and BC Partizan just UNBELIEVEABLE!; and that is why they point out the atmosphere on the matches Partizan plays at home in Belgrade as unique of that kind in the World. It is a fascinating feeling for Partizan to lead the game even before it started, as the fear runs even through the vains of most experienced players when they step out from Pionir locker-rooms and step on the court, and Grobari shake their bones with their songs and sounds from their palms.

Love between the club and the fans is not something new and something that Partizan got over night, that is a relationship that both sides have been building for decades. BC Partizan played first matches in Hall of Sports in Novi Beograd and despite pretty bad results and no trophies during seventies, their fans developed an unbelieveably strange relationship with Partizan players.

In spite of terrible results of the club, every Partizan fan was getting another doze of masochism in the blood and the worst results Partizan had the loyalty and love fom the fans were getting stronger.

The one who did not have Partizan in their hearts could hardly understand the extraordinary situation of magical Hall of Sports, outstanding love for the black and white jersey and BC Partizan players' engagement on the court.

No one, till then, by now, in the world cannot understand the way Partizan fans cheer all the time of the match, whether we are losing or winning it, like parents loving their child forever, no matter how successful the child is.

The virus of love and devotion to the club that every real Partizan fan ever had in blood, is being transmitted to their descendants and the army of Partizan's fanatically faithful fans is getting bigger every day. Many were afraid that Partizan would lose the magic of Hall of Sports when they started playing in Pionir but it turned the good way as the relationship of Partizan players and fans was just getting new dimensions since that day.

Partizan is proud of all it's fans!; from the hard-core Grobari, who devoted all their lives to Partizan to present initial support from the stands, like songs, choreographies, and at times a lot more.... to the "casual" supporters, family people who come to watch the game like "any normal people" and then go crazy and completely lose every clue of their normal behaviour in the crater of Pionir's collective madness and masive histery.

If we turn back to Partizan's new history, (history of domination and playing Euroleague), we can see that matches that Partizan lost or was losing during the game were anthology matches just because of the FANS. Because Grobari were those who stood for the club.

It all starts back to Maccabi match, where Partizan suffers a creepy defeat at home, but GROBARI stayed in the hall and sang to the club one hour after the final sound. No one was able to explain to Maccabi's players and coaching staff what was going on. One of the recent "insane" matches was against Armani Jeans, autumn 2008, when no one in the world could explain why the sound from the stands was becoming louder and louder every time the rival scored.

The Grobari give the most tremendous support when their club needs it most. And THAT is the main difference between GROBARI and all other fans.

Fans of any other club, curse and leave the match their team is losing ten minutes before time, they go and eat another burger and they do not even remember the match. Like nothing happened on the "battlefield" of their beloved.

The Grobari stay till the end, sing to the club after the match, go home sad and try to recollect their feelings all week long until they come again to their place in hall and cheer Partizan on their next match.

After many years of repeating it, someone would say it is a cliche, but Duško Radovic's quote "Partizan is loved by all heart and soul" will stay forever powerful and true.

"Ljubav prema klubu,
ne može da prestane,
dok živim klicaću njemu,
volim te Partizane"