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31.12.2008 · 00:00

Petar Bozic: Step by step until we reach the goal

We have a nice present for all our supporters and site visitors: an interview with the captain of our team Pera Bozic. In this interview you will read what he thinks of this year's achievements and what his expectations, desires and goals are for the year coming. You will also read about his plans for the time he retires and what he wishes to faithfull Partizan supporters. Enjoy! What do you think about achievements in the year gone by? "The last season was one of the most successful Partizan's seasons during last 10-15 years. We won every single title on the ex-Yu area and needed just a step to reach the final four. Regarding the season coming in the next half of 2008, we set the goals to try to achieve at least the same and repat all the successes and try to go a step further." What was your personal biggest success? "Actually I can't make a choice, because Partizan was very successful during the last year. I can only say that although we won every single final game, the most precious to me was the winning of the domestic title in a marvelous atmosphere. It was fantastic feeling to me to prove that except being the best in NLB league we were the best in Serbian league as well." Is there a moment you would rather forget? "I do not remember anything bad as I try to get the best of it and focus on good things." What was your favourite game in Black and White jersey? "I cannot make my mind just about one game, because there are many games that I played in Partizan and I like to remember. This is my 5th year in Partizan and I had a lot of fantastic moments of glory, finals and trophies to choose just one." ...Maybe when you became the first team captain? "That was a big honour and a great pleasure for me but I can't say that winning some of the previous finals was less important to me. Sure it is one of the biggest moments in my career but I prefer trophies." Is there a player, former or playing today, who you would like to play against? There is no rival I would like to play against. All rivals are completely same to me and I always try just to beat all of them. I do not have problems with big basketball names." What do you think about adaptation of newcomers in the team, and what is your role and what were your tasks about that, as a captain? I do not have those tasks as a captain because all the players in Prtizan are great persons and people, with great characters and basketball qualities. And this is not just mine role, but all the experienced Partizan players in the team have a task to help newcomers to adapt as soon and well as possible. Of course, in this case again, all the guys where great to handle and we all matched after just a couple of trainings. I think that they had a fantastic period of adaptation and we accepted all their qualities in the same manner. We have fantastic atmosphere in the team,and that's something that is typical of Partizan in all previous years." What do you like more, to score or to assist? "It depends on the situation but sometimes it is marvelous feeling both ways." When you finish your playing career one day, would you like to start coaching career? "I've spent a lot of time in basketball, and that's my big love. I would love to test myself as a coach because of my temper on the court or something else in basketball when my playing days are over but I will also do my best to play as long as possible. It's sure that this is the best way to find myself after playing career finishes." Dusko Vujosevic might have his fingers in it? "I admit that Dule has a lot of influence in my career as a player and he helped me make several very tough decisions. He opened my eyes wide to see what that profession brings and what is a good way to make yourself a good and successful coach." We could guess what your wishes for this season are but you could also tell us about that? "During this year we had a lot of excellent matches and we showed a lot. CSKA, current European Champions, got away from Pionir with just one point more, and we lost our win.We proved our qualities during this year and there are challenges in front of us; we need to try to make the same results step by step in the next year as in the previous and try to improve them if it is possible. But, Final 4 is far away as we need do jump to Top 16 firstly and go further if we get a chance." What would be your messages to Partizan supporters ahead of forthcoming holidays? "I wish them luck and health. And how people say, the Titanic people very healthy but they weren't lucky :) so I wish them luck in the first place. I wish them a lot of celebrating with Partizan next yearand I wish we make all they expectations and wishes about Partizan come real and true. We can all promise that we will all do our best to make them happy because they deserve that giving us constant support."