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Sunday, 24.09.2023 (16:00)


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24.03.2010 · 00:00

Vujošević -We know what to expect in the game 2-

The Black and Whites have to win the Euroleague Top 8 match 2 on Thursday 20.00 CET to get a chance to fight for the Euroleague Final 4 on March 30 in Belgrade. How difficult is that? It was difficult watching the first match when at 26 minutes until the end of the game Maccabi had a monster 21 points lead. For sure, no one in the world wanted to be in their shoes in that moment. However, when the match finished, everyone wanted to be in their shoes, because such an achievement is rare. But now, it is even harder to forget about that and that is the main task in front of glorious coach at the helm of the Black and White dozen, Duško Vujošević, who has to do the utmost to make his players get cool-headed into the second game against even more motivated Maccabi team, who will yet be under even larger pressure. "Both teams have to forget the first match. Correct, the team that lost the game is always highly motivated, because they want to forget their loss as soon as possible. On the other hand, the team that won the game has a desire to leave the things they are in the moment and enjoy the glory of the victory and make basketball stop and not to be played any longer. We know that the game two is in front of us and that we have only begun this series. The importance of the second match will make a real contact with reality “ , said Duško Vujošević. Will Maccabi be even more dangerous opponents from now on? "What did we have to do, to let them beat us to make them less difficult opponents? They are always dangerous. They will not give up and we do not want to as long as this quarter-final lasts. They will certainly engage all their depots on forthcoming games, but I think that we are not lucky winners by accident. They stay favourites, but they are wrong if they think that we were lucky by accident “ . First match flashback? "We were impressed by the atmosphere, quality and playing style of the rival at the beginning. We trailed by 21 points and stepped over the edge of loss when we lost fear and started to play our game. When we set our game on court we set the scoreline too, and put the heavy burden on their backs. We won a big game with a special scenario“ . You must be aware of high euphoric state? "Players are aware that success never comes by chance. They are also very aware that they should not be happy about a big catch that is not in their arms, yet. We are not people who are not used to such situations“ , concluded Vujošević.