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24.03.2010 · 00:00

Kecman- We are still standing firmly on the ground

We asked Dušan Kecman, who set a career high 29 points, where did he find the strength to lead his team to plus 8 at the end after losing by 21 points after 14 minutes of play? "You would think of unimaginable when you trail by 21 points against a team such as Maccabi in Tel Aviv in the quarter-final match. But it is simple, the stake is too high- final four qualification. I believe that we thought for a moment that we must and are able to play much better. We really wanted to prove to ourselves that we have deservedly reached the quarter-finals, that it was not just an incidence. We wanted to prove that we can cope with big teams like we did by now. Honestly, it was just a matter of time when we start playing like we do- powerful on defence and as a team... We found our pace, we did not make so many turnovers like we did in the beginning of the match when we were confused and when we could not find a key to their defence locks. Faith we had was giving us a payback and resulted in lead melting and a huge victory after the final buzzer”. You are aware that slight optimism amongst fans in Serbia has grown to a real euphoria? "We know that fans went 'crazy'. Yet, they have lost many nerves watching the game, especially for the fact that scoreline had such ups and downs. Of course that I am glad for the fact that our victory got such a positive echo and I hope that we can continue in the same rhythm. However, we have to think just about the first game to come. Euphoria is a nice feeling and has a good connotation of a well-done job, that is, that we have made our fans happy. Nevertheless, we all have to be aware that is just something that could be the beginning of the very long series. Yet, three wins are required. We will do our best to forget about the first match, but we will also make a thorough analysis of the game and play much better in the second match, especially the beginning“. Talking about the game two...? "It is much easier to play when you make a break, especially for the fact that the pressure is much higher on Maccabi. As the series go on the teams will have much better preparation, in particular, tactical preparation. We will get to know each others individually and as the teams fighting for the same goal. We do not have much time to watch the first match and improve everything we did bad. We will try to play full 40 minute-match and be focused from the start. Come backs like this are rare. I believe that if we manage to balance at small point difference during the second match, we can hope for the best again. We must learn our lessons and prepare better“. Do you have strength to make even bigger miracle? "Miracles are possible and we all believe in them and hope that we can survive. We must, like we have always done, stand firmly on the ground, and not get carried away either by wins or get depressed because of losses. That's the job, nothing is certain and everything depends on engagement and devotion to the game. We can do our best only in case we look in front of us and play match by match. However, they are still firm favourites, especially in the game two“. In the end, it is inevitable to mention Dušan Kecman's fantastic performance in Nokia Arena last night? "I always appoint on the fact that, individually, points are never the decisive factor of the game. The decisive factors are teamwork and effort of the team. As to points, this time I was the one to score them, but our team has such a quality that you never know who will be the next key player and take responsibility when needed. I hope that someone will take my role in the second match and, with the God's will, finish the match in the same scenario, with the different main role... , said Kecman modestly, the man who gave self-confidence boost to his team mates in the first match and might have changed the expected scenario of the quarter final series.