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Sunday, 26.03.2023 (19:00)

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Sunday, 26.03.2023 (19:00)


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09.06.2022 · 12:13

BC Partizan NIS ended season: Opportunity to kick hooliganism out from out basketball

BC Partizan NIS ended season 2021/22 and will not take place in Serbian League Playoffs. This decision was made by The Club after everything what happened suring the ABA League finals.

Despite all appeals coming from Crvena Zvezda and Partizan, all five games were full of incidents which jeopardized safety of the players and coaches. Those incidents led to partial and total closure of the gym, numerous fines, and great embarrassment of Serbian and Regional basketball in front of the whole world.

During the whole series, self-criticism from Partizan representatives was quite big. Both President Ostoja Mijailovic and Head Coach Zeljko Obradovic publicly criticizes irresponsible individuals at the stands for their behavior. Unfortunately, critics were not fruitful.

With this act, Partizan NIS wants to send the message that The Club doesn’t want to be part of the hooligan feasts, no matter are they Crvena Zvezda or Partizan fans. We have reasonable doubt that another Final Series between Partizan NIS and Crvena Zvezda MTS would become just another field for bullies who are destroying our sport which will lead us to another awful message sent to the World.

At the same time, Club wants to leave the floor for all relevant subjects to sit down and solve all this issues before the beginning of the next season.

Our desire is that Belgrade and Serbia have two representatives in Euroleague. However, this kind of behavior of certain number of individuals and missed opportunities to punish them will not take us where we want to be.

Our Country showed that is capable to organize top sport events. Just recently organized Euroleague Final Four was a grat example. We had full Arena of Olympiacos fans followed by Crvena Zvezda fans, four clubs in total, many tourists in Belgrade and not a single incident.

Conclusion: Yes, we can! And that’s the picture we should all send from Belgrade as Capitol of basketball.

Also, we would like to underline the fact that in 20 years of participation in Euroleague competitions, no incidents like the ones in ABA Finals occurred in matches organized in Belgrade. That fact is telling us that there is a hope for solving all deeply wrong things in our basketball .

Because there is still hope, Partizan NIS will do everything we can to help in solving numerous problems in Serbian Basketball League, and to get the League out from the position where some individuals have monopoly in making all important decisions. Our idea is to return the league to the National Federation who would guarantee the equal conditions for all the clubs. Only equality is a good basis to reduce the tensions and turn everybody to the basketball.

This is unified position of the Club, supported by all its members: Board, President, Coaching Staff and Players. Partizan NIS is staying on its path of participation in regional ABA League and Euroleague Competitions. There are no ideas of joining any other leagues.

Once more, Partizan NIS is inviting everybody to sit together and to solve all the troubles of Serbian and Regional Basketball together. Only in this way we can move forward.