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Sunday, 24.09.2023 (16:00)

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Sunday, 24.09.2023 (16:00)


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05.02.2022 · 18:45

Black and whites better than Borac for the 15th victory in the regional league

In the 19th round of the AdmiralBet ABA League, Partizan NIS defeated the team from Cacak in the "Aleksandar Nikolic" hall with 75:68 (18:17, 13:14, 22:14, 22:23).



The Black and whites defeated Borac for the second time in the season, and this time the Steamroller celebrated with a score of 75:68, thus reaching the 15th victory in the regional championship after 18 duels. Zeljko Obradovic's team started the game well and took the lead with 8: 0 right at the start, but the guests from Cacak quickly made up for the gap, so the first quarter ended with a score of 18:17. They had a black and white lead in most of the second period, but still went to the halftime with a draw (31:31).


Partizan's series of 12: 0 followed at the beginning of the second part of the game, and after that the rival managed to get closer again and reach a single-digit gap. The Steamroller resisted all attempts by Borac to return to the duel in full, and in the end came to victory with a score of 75:68.


At the post-match press conference, black and white coach Zeljko Obradovic said:


"First of all, let me say that I am extremely sorry for what happened to Sava Lesic, and I hope it is not as serious as it seemed in the first moment. He really had grimaces that showed that it was a great pain. I don't know. What is the situation, but in any case I wish him a fast recovery and return to the team. I would like to thank our fans for their fantastic support before and during the game, they did not stand, cheered and carried the team to an important victory. It is incomprehensible that some players do not feel that and that their motivation is absolutely not at the level needed to play for Partizan. When that is the case, then I as a coach have to react. They are more experienced and I think the big problem for us is that some players have to spend so much time on the floor considering the calendar we have. In Cacak we played an incomparably better game against Borac. And again it's the same thing I mentioned, and that is motivation. We were extremely motivated and concentrated then, because when you are concentrated you have motivation, and when you are not, then the game develops as it developed tonight. On the other hand, it is obvious that we have a big problem with the shot, since we shot 7 out of 31 for three points. Of those 31 shots, maybe two were difficult, all the rest were built positions where the players were alone, but did not hit. This means that the problem is just to shoot as much as possible, here we were looking for some dates and got the opportunity to spend more time in the hall, so I hope that we will now have three training sessions until the game with Andorra. We will try to prepare because that game is important to us, as it will be in the next period. This is a specific month because after that game with Andorra, there is another one in the ABA league and then the Cup comes, which is played day after day. With all due respect to the first opponent we will have, we have the right to think and hope that we will reach the grand final, but first we need to pass the opponent in the quarterfinals. In that part, I'm talking about the energy consumption of some players who play a lot and I don't think that's good, but above all, the desire is to win the game. No matter what I say and believe in young players, they have to change some things, that is evident. We'll see how and in what way. We talk a lot and we will do everything to help them, "said Obradovic.



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