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Sunday, 26.03.2023 (19:00)


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26.11.2021 · 10:01

NIS and basketball club Partizan: Together in achieving championship ambitions

The company NIS and the Basketball Club Partizan signed a sponsorship agreement today, which continued the successful long-term cooperation. The contract was signed at the "Partizan basketball house’’ in Belgrade by Kiril Tjurdenjev, general director of the NIS company, and Ostoja Mijailovic, president of the Partizan NIS basketball club.


The company NIS and the basketball club Partizan nurture a long-term partnership that grew into a general sponsorship of the company in 2013, which gave the "wind in the back" to the most successful Serbian basketball club to win domestic and European competitions. What NIS and the Partizan basketball club have in common is readiness for challenges, champion and team spirit. The continuation of cooperation confirmed the orientation towards the same goal - achieving the best results, as well as that mutual trust and support inevitably lead to success.


Basketball club Partizan NIS has won so far: it has won the national championship 21 times, the national cup 16 times, the Adriatic League six times and the ABA League Super Cup once. Partizan won the Euroleague in 1992, which is the greatest success in Serbian club basketball. In addition, the black and whites triumphed three times in the Radivoj Korac Cup, while they participated in the "final four" of the Euroleague four times, ie the European Champions Cup. Basketball club Partizan is the first basketball club from Serbia to play an official game with NBA teams in September 2009.




After signing the new contract, Kiril Tjurdenjev, General Manager of NIS, said:


"In sports as well as in life, victories are very important. One of the most important victories is the opportunity to preserve our friendships despite all challenges. Our partnership with BC Partizan lasts more than a decade and we carefully preserve and improve it from year to year. Together. We have gone through both beautiful and difficult moments and we are happy that this season we can look forward to successes and sports victories again, Mr. Mijailović, we wish you to finish this season the way you started it - as a champion. "Tyurdenev pointed out.


The president of the black and whites, Ostoja Mijailovic, stated:


"I want to thank you for today, I want to say that this is a very important day for BC Partizan. The renewal of the general sponsorship agreement of our main sponsor is something that guarantees Partizan that in the future it will produce the results that the public expects from us. We have goals, and the crystal in front of us shows how many years the cooperation between NIS and Partizan has lasted.Our cooperation is 14 years old and I want to mention that a large part of this sponsorship goes to the development of our younger categories, the work of the summer camp of our younger categories and it is a very important segment of BC Partizan, for which it is known. Our goals for this season are completely known and I think they would be difficult to achieve and they were in our plans without your support that we have for years. One more thing I would like to mention, NIS should be an example to our companies operating in Serbia, because it is a socially responsible company that, investing in sports, invests in ambassadors of our country throughout Europe. Ambassadors are our clubs and our players that we educate and who become great and important people. They promote our country and thus our companies. That is one connected thing and I want to sincerely thank on behalf of BC Partizan and all our members for this support, which is very important for us, "Mijailovic said.


(Photo: MN Press, video: BC Partizan TV)