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Tuesday, 06.06.2023 (19:00)

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Tuesday, 06.06.2023 (19:00)


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28.10.2020 · 22:25

Partizan lost against Bourg in the 5th round, Group A of the 7Days Eurocup

In the "Ranko Žeravica" Sports Hall, Partizan lost against French team Bourg with 76:89 (19:22, 21:35, 18:17, 18:15), which interrupted the series of three consecutive victories of Steamroller in all competitions.

Partizan NIS did not manage to reach the triumph over Bourg in the Sports Hall "Ranko Žeravica", so after five rounds played in the 7Days Eurocup, the black and whites have the score of two victories and three defeats. The guests from France quickly reached the double-digit lead, and the black and whites managed to reduce the gap to minus three by the end of the first quarter - 19:22. At the beginning of the second quarter, a point for a point game was played, and the visiting team again reached a double-digit advantage, which was increased to 40:57 by the time they went on a fifteen-minute break. Partizan tried to return to the game in the second half, reaching 11 points behind at the beginning of the last section, but failed to reach a complete turnaround. In the end, Bourg was better with a score of 76:89.

At the post-match press conference, Partizan coach Vlado Scepanovic said:

"There is not much to say. Congratulations to the opponent, they deserved the triumph more than us, there is no explanation for a game like this. There is nothing to say. Things are much clearer to me now. Simply, after the game like against Cedevita and the conclusion that we can’t underestimate the opponent, that they are dangerous and that we cannot underestimate anyone at all, and that we all think we are better than we show in this moment.  I am glad that this match has clearly shown the players that they cannot be relaxed and underestimate anyone.  Bourg outplayed us in every segment of the game, they held a class on how to love the club! The court is the only place to love the club and to show that you care about Partizan, not in interviews with journalists, not in front of fans, not on Instagram, not by punching in the chest", said Scepanovic.

Partizan NIS

Mika 12, Miler Mekintajer 10, Zagorac 6, Pejdž 14, Dangubić 6, Gordić 15, S Janković, Angola, Veličković, N Janković 2, Tomas 6, Trifunović 5


Alen 4, Benitez 2, Kurbi 5, Rajt 6, Ašćerić, Pelos 28, Pikok 8, Deri, Skrab 3, Omić 10, Daval, Anđušić 23

(Foto: Dragana Stjepanović, video: BC Partizan TV)