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29.01.2014 · 00:00

Danilović for 'Sport'

Injuries are a set of circumstances which, in the case of Partizan were not the best - says the president of the black and whites, who talked about unchanged ambitions, gain ... In sports defeats can happen, not to talk about injuries, but when we add the case of removing the best player in the middle of the game, then it "lights up" in front of the eyes. It's a little too much, even for a basketball collective such as Partizan, who like a magnet attracts negative karma in a little more than half a year. After a serious injury of three starters, it still ‘lacked’ that Bogdan Bogdanovic, albeit for the undisciplined behavior, ends up in the locker room during the ABA league match two nights ago with the MZT in the "Pionir" ( 66:73 ) . And when the storm from parquet threatens to convey where it is a dangerous place, longtime president of the best Serbian club Predrag Danilovic rationally drops the ball. - For everything in life, and also in our work, in spite of the utmost effort, the work, it is necessary to have that ounce of luck. In some periods the clubs existence we have had it, but currently we are lacking that gram. I cannot to prohibit "worried ones " the right for various theories, but I can say to them that in our club everything is under control. I'd probably be more satisfied and happier if we could have "skip" something...- said Danilovic . The former famous national team player has prepared an explanation of the most recent example with the National team Shooting Guard. - There is no case, these things happen. Should we interpret the decision of the coach Vujošević? There is no need. I have no doubt of the existence of the reasons why Bogdanovic, whose potentials are well known, and when we know that Vujosevic really loves him, was sent to the dressing room. Danilovic wanted to further clarify the official formulation of the "undisciplined behavior." - It is not in any sense an ugly term, these moments can happen at trainings, games, who knows how many times. Those who are professionally involved in sports know what I mean. No need to make so much dust out of it. As to whether the Coaches authority is worth the cost of walking on the edge, the head of the club’s hierarchy, Danilovic says : - Of course. Thus all the serious clubs function. Whose is greater responsibility, or credit for what (not) to do? Well, the coach’s. He chooses the players he works with them savagely. His decision does not call into question, if you're serious. If you think differently, behind us would not have been all these years of success. Black and whites are in a delicate situation caused by many injuries, so you must even then "train strictness"... - I would not call it that way, but I explained that it's happening and will happen, but it is not a signal to the alarm. It is easy to be wise after the war. On the questions of whether we will see the National Team Shooting Guard in the team in the next (Euroleague) match, which is already being played on 31 January against Lokomotiv Kuban Danilovic says: - This is a question for the coach, but I think that this is the current penalty. After all, maybe it all happened, to be of use for Bogdanovic, I am even convinced. There is no need to talk about his talent, gaming experience, potential, doors that are being opened... But basketball skills, gaming instincts are not followed by certain things, for the time being. If Bogdanovic goes quickly back into the fire at two very important competitive fronts (regional league and Euroleague), unfortunately, it is not the case with Leo Westermann and Dragan Milosavljevic, who because of injuries of front cruciate ligaments completed the current season. For the same injury, fortunately, Davis Bertans is nearing the end of the leave. Is for the poor health bulletin guilty the overload of the available players as bench was not long... - To go back to the beginning and the talk about luck. All of these sets of circumstances, in which case Partizan were the best. It is certain that the various problems are somewhat guilty, but there cannot be made a real list from the number one onwards. You cannot always explain everything under the banner of "two plus two is.." How and where Partizan will go until the end of the season. - Our ambition is always the same, do not give up the game ("Victory") we are hunting for, nor will we run away from it. We will try to be maximal, and do our best... If it really happens that we do not do what we planned, we will congratulate to the others and continue our well -known way. It is not a matter of life and death, but we are not relieved of the duty and the highest goals - concludes Predrag Danilovic. ALL IN THE NAME OF DUTY Do you have a similar experience such as Bogadnović from your playing career? - Of course I do, when I played in Italy, but also in Partizan, with Dule Vujosevic. It is all a day's work, and in some ways it is a normal thing. TIRED OF STORIES Asked whether he was tired of the chronically severe financial structure of the club, Danilovic highlights: - I'm tired of talking, persuading that Partizan is worth more attention and care, especially to the public authorities. I'm not saying that the government is made to be serving anyone, and not our club too. But... For all that we did and do, for 12, 13 years now, it is more understanding and help needed. For a long time in the best possible way we are representing this club and country. ROSTER BOOST ASAP Last injury of until recently captain Dragan Milosavljevic overflowed the cup, and the smile disappeared from the face of the club. - It is logical to look to bring in reinforcements as soon as possible, in the shortest possible time. However, I do not want to rebid the number of days. And you know that we would never presume to bring in someone just to bring in someone. If we were not in a financial situation where we are, it would be different, this way... At the beginning, we opted for the "little" Dallo, who is a great talent, but he has yet to start playing basketball. R. NIKOLIĆ