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01.02.2009 · 00:00

Urgency needed in Pionir's case

Although it was agreed ten days ago that there will be no stress for Partizan about Hala Pionir, which has been constant occasion in previous years, the "Black and whites" got what they are used to when they came back from Athens as the minus in Pionir was almost the same as in Athens match result. Namely, on the last evening training in Pionir the heating was set on 14' C. The freezing of the Serbian and NLB champions is potentially commanded by Milan Petrović who took charge of SRC Tašmajdan recently. And that was the cause for the conversation with Predrag Danilović, BC Partizan president, so that fans and media get full information about the hurdles some mean people are constantly setting on the road our club rides. After the meeting, Tasmajdan reported about debt reprogramation?"Milan Petrovic's and Tasmajdan expert reports are something I don't care about until they find out the way that Partizan and Crvena Zvezda get what they need for substantial period of time, because Petrovic with his expertise in writing reports showed no respect for Partizan's tradition and current success as he doesn't have a single clue hove to manage a sports object. I am just afraid that things will get worse in due course." - Danilović started in his style. "Nothing new and important has happened since the meeting with the city representatives as 3.5 million dinars was given to Tasmajdan for heating and loaning in November, December and January. We also planned to give some of 5 million dinars we are supposed to get as a reward from Belgrade for Pionir but they do not have any understanding for our problems and I think that Milan Petrović, namely big Partizan fan, does it on purpose. He behaves as if he built Pionir." The amount of money that is needed for hiring Pionir is large? " I suppose we will have to pay for air in near future! The costs of hiring are enormously bigger than several months ago. We have to pay 140 000 dinars for one match, one hour of training is almost 12 000 dinars, we have to pay staggering 35 000 euros for the commercial spaceon yearly basis, and we get no service for that. We pay for heating and clima when they are off, security, water, electricity, press center and sound system bills... They are abusing Partizan and Zvezda because they know we have no choice. I know that they have their problems but they have no understanding for the situation in Serbia and our two biggest clubs, at all." Pionir is known in Europe for Partizan's Euroloeague atmosphere. "When you see full Pionir in Euroleague you are tempted to think that we have money to burn but the truth is way different as we sold Pionir out through season tickets and there are just 400 available tickets per match. And I do not want to raise the ticket costs because I know the standards of living in Serbia and that many true fans who would lke to watch Euroleague best clubs will not be able to watch Partizan among best in Europe," says Danilovic and continues ironically "although, I could listen to the "Know How" Tas people and set the ticket price on 400 euros per match. But in that case they would probably set the hirirng costs a lot higher and rent air to us at a reasonable price." In the previous years, Zagreb and Ljubljana templates were offered as a solution? " These cities give milions of euros to Cibona and Olimpija while Partizan and Zvezda pray to God to get Proper heating or not to get kicked out from Pionir. We do not have to use foreign examples. Novi Sad covered all expenses in SPENS for the clubs competing in first league competitions, Kragujevac pays for Radnicki." What are the possibilities to find a mutual consent for Pionir case? "I know that Serbian government has numerous problems but I believe that Belgrade has to take care of Partizan and Zvezda. They should have understanding for us and find a solution to this 8-year-long problem. They will also get an enormous publicity as Partizan and Crvena Zvezda fans will fancy that move. They would help Tasmajdan by that too and there will no longer be problems of this nature. I really do not know the reason why they do not want to do anything about this or just say that they will not do anything. This kind of behaviour leaves space to people like Milan Petrović to do what they want to. The most efficient solution to the pronlem is that the city pays for the hall if not, they should asign Pionir to the clubs managing as it was previously done in other countries. Or clubs privatization? I would like to see the country holding 51 per cent of the shares in that case, but it will happen." So, Partizan fans will need full winter gear, like gloves, caps and skii jackets for tonights game in Pionir against FMP? "Partizan and Zvezda owe the same amount of money, but Partizan plays the "heat-off" matches and trainings. Which is good because of the fact that they freeze just one club. It seems to me that Partizan fans and players deserved to get "frost" because of the entire success and joy that "black and whites" bring to Belgrade and Serbia." Danilović finished interview with another doze of irony. Due to experience that we have with people from Tasmajdan, they will not be so tough and courageous to turn off the heating for Roma match as they are not prepared for European shame. They make pressure by turning off the heating in front of and during NLB matches, because they hope that the match will be cancelled due to improper temperature in the hall.