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Saturday, 06.03.2021 (19:00)


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21.01.2009 · 00:00

NLB Day 18: Partizan gets back on winner's course

The Black and whites defeated Zagreb on NLB Day 18 81:64 (28:17, 22:12, 9:20, 22:15) Partizan players managed to have a perfect opener as they let rival score for the first time in the third minute of the match, and outscored the rival by double digit lead. Zagreb tried to come back from long distance but Partizan players showered from downtown. The second quarter was spiced up by very active play style from the home team and 8:0 scoring run. BC Partizan flied to 20 points lead. After the half time break, Zagreb played more agressively with strong defense allowing just 9 points to the black and whites in 3rd quarter, but Partizan players answered to this scoring a couple of threes and paced to their 16th win in regional competition. "Zagreb is much better team at the moment than their position on leaderboard makes us think. Krstic gave them a new source of energy, with counter attacks, playmaking and good leadership and although he is well experienced he will be very useful to their team. They lost tight game against Cibona and swept Bosna so they surely expected that we could have lose it again because of the tight playing schedule and lot of accumulated fatigue. Vranes, for example, couldn't give us his contribution because of that. We are tired of bus trips and the schedule and I am very afraid of injuries. All in all, we played well first half and did it horribly in the 3rd quarter but I already said that they are a serious and stabile club with full roster and it is not easy to play all games of this series completely devoted and it is very hard to win any game that way." said Dusko Vujosevic, Partizan coach. Partizan – Zagreb CO 81:64 (28:17, 22:12, 9:20, 22:15) Partizan: Lucic, Tepic 3, Miloševic 2, Rašic 3, Tripkovic 11, Velickovic 21, Lasme 6, Aleksic 3, Vitkovac 8, Božic 12, Vesely 8, Vraneš 4. Zagreb CO: Tomic 18, Babic 5, Simon 9, Papac, Dundovic, Dijan 2, Bašljan 4, Štimac 12, Zoric 6, Drezga, Krstic 8