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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)

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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)


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18.01.2009 · 00:00

First loss in 2009

In the full capacity hall of Kresimir Cosic in Zadar, the black and whites lost their first match in 2009 on Day 17 of NLB. Zadar celebrated 74:65 (19:14, 19:17, 18:21, 18:13). The host opened the game agressively in defense and made a lot of personal fouls that were not punished from the line. Zadar had constant five point lead in that period of the match. A lot of minor objects and coins were thrown from the crowd in the second quarter to cause a short match pause. The Black and Whites outscored the host 7:0 afterwards but they could not get a lead. Partizan played well in the third quarter and trailed a point but missed a lot board shots and Zadar won the match scoring several three pointers in the finish. "We did the best we could in this circumstances. We've accumulated a lot of tiredness and lost enormous amounts of physical and mental energy due to difficult trip to Moscow. We also went to Zadar by bus and that's something that makes you play on a lower level. Several players are on the brink of suffering from cold and high temperature. In "Kresimir Cosic Hall" we had a rival playing their best game in this season. They were fighting for NLB Final Four and were playing a high energy match and their bench players played a fantastic match making a lot of rebounds and points. Of course, the shown is way away from our real possibilities but it's a kind of response to tiresome season and their desire to win and I am sure we will show what we are able to do, very soon." said Dusko Vujosevic, Partizan coach. Zadar - Partizan 74:65 (19:14, 19:17, 18:21, 18:13) Zadar: Rancic 7, Peric, Stipcevic, Dixon 16, Johnson 10, Prostran, Gecevski 5, Olivari, Ružic 18, Macura 9, Ivanov 9. Partizan: Tepic 9, Miloševic 2, Rašic 2, Tripkovic 21, Velickovic 7, Lasme 11, Aleksic, Vitkovac 3, Božic, Vesely, Vraneš 10.