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07.01.2009 · 00:00

Panionios outclassed in Pionir

Partizan revenges for Athens defeat with more toll, winning Day 9 Euroleague match of group D against Panionios 80:57. Panionios had a better match opener 7:2, then Partizan devours the basket and makes 20:0 in six minutes with Jan Vesely mastering the floor. After 30:9 lead from the first period, the coming periods of the game were just demonstration of strenght and maturity of the young team of Partizan finishing game in a smooth style. The big difference might be crucial for the next period of the competition in the strongest Euroleague group. "I'm very pleased that we won by more than 5 points ahead. After the disallowed three pointer in Athens that we complained about, and I really do not know how it was not allowed, just for the sake of competition regularity. We've managed to win the game without a very important rotation player(Rakocevic). Because of the fact, Lasme played a lot more and was fould out too early. Panionios is a very good team defensively but with a lot of flaws attackingly and we took advantage of that. Agin, we could have lost the lead because of their strong defense in aperiod of game and my technical foul that happened this way: - Lasme was on the bench at the time he had 2 personal fouls, and that was my decision to have him for the 3rd period clear of 3 fouls but I put him in as the desk had the substitution announced and Lasme went in and committed a foul with an additional free throw, I did not approve of that and waved disappointedly and Ciarri ruled technical foul to me. I do not understand that criteria as all the coaches should get much more technical fouls that way. And instead of great lead at half, we left the floor nervous and with Lasme problems. We didn't use our guards' penetrations well as an answer to their agressive defense. Jan Vesely was noticed as a big talent. All players gave their maximum contribution and showed the desire for win. Thanks to supporters, they were magnificient again. Moscow is our next stop and we won't surrender till the end." said Dusko Vujosevic. Partizan – Panionios On Telecoms 80:57 (30:9, 14:24, 15:9, 21:15) Partizan: Tepic 11, Miloševic , Rašic 6, Tripkovic 12, Velickovic 4, Lasme 12, Aleksic , Vitkovac , Bešovic , Božic 9, Vesely 19, Vraneš 7. Panionios On Telecoms: Xanthopoulos 2, Cvetkovic 10, Zoroski 12, Georgallis 1, Kalampokis , Miles 14, Raicevic 1, Kendall 3, Giannoulis , Nikolic , Baxter 11, Ntikoudis 3.