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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)


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03.01.2009 · 00:00

Win for the starter of 2009

The guys in black and white played well and started 2009 with a Domzale win. Partizan has beaten Helios Domzale 49:59 (6:23, 10:14, 13:17, 20:4) on Day 15 of NLB League. Partizan had a fantastic opener of the game, outscoring the rival 0:14, letting them score in the 8th minut of the match. Partizan has played agressive and organized defense, completely controlling the game, which was obvious as Helios scored all points in the first quarter from free throws line. Humska club was focused thrugh the second period as well and completely demolished the host, leading 9:37. Since the very moment, the host wakes up and makes several series to catch an acceptable result 49:59. Partizan has won 14 out of 15 matches in NLB. " Taking into account that Helios changed the coach, they were playing the best they could, as it should be when something like that happens. We were playing very well through 3 quarters then we fell and we just didn't know how to react on their changing defensive plays.Moreover, it was not realistic to expect such a big score difference. However, we play a very important match on Wednesday and we had to use tactics and rest key players but the difference was too small during last period and it shouldn't have been like that. We had too many turnovers, but 30 minutes of fantastic play. All teams play their best games against Partizan and we have to be highly motivated, everyone in the team", said Dusko Vujosevic. Helios Domžale - Partizan 49:59 (6:23, 10:14, 13:17, 20:4) Helios: Janža 15, Zalokar, Tratnik, Petrovic 8, Zagorc, Krušic, Žerak 8, Mocnik 8, Lashkevich 3, Skrlec, Jacobson 5, Snow 2. Partizan: Tepic 4, Miloševic 4, Rašic 13, Tripkovic 10, Velickovic 7, Lasme 10, Aleksic, Vitkovac, Bešovic, Božic, Vesely 2, Vraneš 9.