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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)

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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)


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23.12.2008 · 00:00

Partizan Won the final game of 2008!

Black and whites have beaten Krka in the 14th day of NLB League 65:80 (5:23, 20:14, 14:20, 23:26 ) in Novo Mesto and they have finilized the year of 2008 wincingly. In the first period Partizan took the defensive control of the game by 0-13 run, and after the score of 5-23. Krka played more agressively through the second period but it was not enough to catch the lead of Humska Club. In the next two periods Partizan managed to hold the lead of 12 points from the half time and convincingly finished the last game of 2008. "Krka has a very unpredictable team with good three point shooters, ability to rebound the balls going outside the box, and wide range defensively. It's our bad luck that everyone play their best games against us and that this game was the best visited in this season. After numerous away games, changing two flights to Madrid and Milan in both directions, and a very tough game in Belgrade against Cibona, and two games in NLB league, my players deserve all gratitudes for their reaction to the chalenge of accumulated tiredness. Besides that, sidelined players Zarko Rakocevic and Petar Bozic, are certainly one of the concequences of the gaming calendar and the fact that players are over fatigued makes us be worried. Nevertheless, we are first on the table now before all of the forthcoming holidays and we appologise to all those who criticized our game for that."said Dusko Vujosevic. Krka - Partizan 65:80 (5:23, 20:14, 14:20, 23:26 ) Krka: Alijevas 9, Kovacevic, Petrov 8, Pavic 10, Marcelic 3, Rakocevic 5, Krivec 4, Kovacin, Župevec, Balažic 8, Žvan, Essington Shields 18. Partizan: Lucic 2, Tepic 5, Miloševic 4, Rašic 9, Tripkovic 5, Velickovic 27, Lasme 12, Aleksic, Vitkovac 5, Božic, Vesely 7, Vraneš 4