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Saturday, 06.03.2021 (19:00)


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18.12.2008 · 00:00

World Class Web Site

The internet presentation of BC Partizan has got new dimension, the web site is redisgned and renowned. WWW.KKPARTIZAN.RS will from now on: inform better, have better picture galleries, have supporters pages, and brand new On-line shop. Mladjan Silobad,technical director of BC Partizan,Bozidar Davidovic,design studio,and Milan Cirilovic, managing director of "Devotion plus" agency for marketing in sports, were all present at a press conference in order to present a brand new site. "This represents a sort of a passage to the world of our supporters from home and abroad where everyone can get all the info about Partizan. Therefore I have to thank to people from Devotion plus and and statisticians, because they all gave their contribution in building such a web site,"said Mladjan Silobad. Bozidar Davidovic said: "Fantastic cooperation with Partizan made it nuch easier to finish such a big project in just a bit over two months. Site is more functional and there are some new multimedia elements". Devotion plus has had a lot to do with better market presentation of KK Partizan. "We've realised that we shold have done something about better team marketing so we organized title celebrations, team presentations on Mali Kalemegdan, we've installed Video Beam in Pionir. Regarding the site, we have the idea of keeping it refreshed 24-7 by fresh news, interviews and press conferences, what's more, we will store old news in the archive so people using site will have full season news coverage. We plan openning Legend pages and pages about Partizan NBA players with videos available.