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17.12.2008 · 00:00

Black and Whites lost in Milano

The 8th Day of Euroleague was not lucky for Partizan as they lost the game against Armani Jeans 73:59 (26:16, 15:18, 16:6, 16:19). Partizan's shooting skills were not matching the season levels in this game, which helped the host lead the game, in the second quarter Partizan played more agressively and came 3 points close to AJ but Armani found the way to get their game back and took 17 point lead, leaving Partizan on just 6 points scored in that period of game. Partizan tried to catch the lead but the effort was useless. Milano won the game deservedly. "Congratulations to Milano's energically won game, they made 13 rebounds more and played well. Anyway, when you play bad it is hard to say something bad about referees. I personally think that criteria of refs was scandalous except Mr. Puckl. Taking into account that Mr. Rigas was present here I believe that there is no doubt that something bad was prepared to Partizan from the first playing round against Efes, Real,... where refs who made mastakes against us got the punishment. The situation in Atina when we have not got our 3 points which were regularly scored, nor we got our complaint approved, foul against Real in the moment when the time was stopped, and no technical foul in the last two minutes, the "foul" in the last minute against CSKA which was crucial for their win and so on.... The bad things happening tonight were just too much as only thing you can take out of this is that the mighty people with bad sporting policies have an enormous desire to see all the well-off clubs in the second round of the competition which is not good for basketball at all. We kept our mouth shut during this game, and now the time has come to say something," said Dusko Vujosevic, Partizan coach. AJ Milano – Partizan 73:59 (26:16, 15:18, 16:6, 16:19 ) AJ Milano: Bulleri 2 , Filloy, Hall 2, Sow 2, Mordente 8, Vitali 14, Thomas 14, Rocca 6, Katelynas 10, Micevic, Sangare 3, Hawkins 12. Partizan: Tepic 19, Miloševic 2, Rašic 3, Tripkovic 7, Velickovic 9, Lasme 6, Aleksic, Vitkovac, Božic, Rakocevic 9, Veseli, Vraneš 4.