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Saturday, 06.03.2021 (19:00)


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16.12.2008 · 00:00

In memory of Haris Brkic

It's been eight years since Haris Brkic, the big ace, died (1974-2000). He started playing basketball in Bosna when he was ten years old. He came in Partizan in 1992, and played in Borac, Cacak one season on loan, since the season 1993/94 he started playing for Partizan. He played succesfully for Partizan next 5 years, winning 3 national titles and 3 national cups. In 1997/98 he played final four in Barcelona as a member of BC Partizan. He won a bronze as a member of U21 National team of Yugoslavia in Turkey in 1996. He also played for senior National team, occasionally. Haris spent the season 1999/2000 in Buducnost, Podgorica and won the title, then came back in Partizan in the autumn of 2000. Haris played 294 oficial games and scored 3740 points for Humska club. He played just three more games for Partizan until the day of December 15, 2000. when his life tragically ended. In memory of Haris Brkic, his teams Bosna, Borac, Buducnost and Partizan organize annual summer memorial tournament for young selections of their clubs. Haris's former coleagues and friends Zoran Stevanovic, Miroslav Beric, Zoran Sretenovic and Dragan Todoric layed flowers on the place where Haris lies with all their gratitudes.