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28.10.2010 · 00:00

Black and white number 21: James Gist!

Black and whites are complete! Partizan mt:s has a new member from today! James Gist is officially a new member of Partizan. He was born in Turkey, a city Adana, on 26 October 1986. He is 206 cm high and plays on a position four. American basketball player signed a one-year contract with Partizan, he arrived in Belgrade on Thursday. After all the medical examinations he will join to the Valde Jovanovic team. He is a former player of University of Maryland, in 2008 he was drafted by San Antonio in the second round of NBA draft, but has not played in the strongest league in the world. He began European career in 2008. in the Italian club Angelico Biella, and last season he played for Russian Locomotiva Kuban. This summer he was on San Antonio camp."I'm glad I came to Belgrade, a city about which I have heard all the best while I played in Russia and Italy. All my teammates were saying about Belgrade as a truly great city. I know that last year Partizan was the fourth team in the Euroleague, and of course that the club has a great fans, that all Europe speaks about. I want to be successful together with my new teammates. The victory is the only thing I want in every game, always to be better and that team and I go forward from match to match ", said new Serbia champions power forward. "Luckily, we signed a player at the position four, unfortunately I do not know if we could bring him any more later. Because of prolonged choosing the right solution for every position that we needed, bringing players entered the late phase, because the competition already begun. Immediately after arrival he must pass the medical examinations and only then he will join the team. Hopefully, he will be in the squad until the game with Olimpia, but again the question is how much he will be able to offer after just a few days with the team. But I am satisfied that the team will be completed and that we will be able to wait as a team all other opponents, and all the next games ", said head coach Vlade Jovanovic. James will defend the colors of Partizan mt:s in the jersey with number 21.