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07.12.2008 · 00:00

Young and lonely on top

Unbeaten yet, 10th day and a new win against Torlak Aboca 62:61. In a very powerful and nervous game from both sides and a lot of twists and turns the MVP of the game Igor Bilic scores with 4 seconds left and a point from the rival but after the sound Partizan youth team won luckily and stands flawless on the top. Partizan MT – Torlak Aboca 62:61 (19:13, 15:15, 17:17, 11:15) Partizan MT : Janjuz 7, Bešovic, Nestorovic, Bilic 27, Riznic 8, Trivic, Jaramaz 6, Lucic 8, Balaban 4, Tapuškovic 2, Bojovic, Trikic. Torlak Aboca: Curovic 17, Minic 14, Milicevic, Isailovic, Božic, Stojanovic, Deretic 3, Kneževic 3, Janjic, Vilotijevic 14, O.Ðordevic 10, M.Ðordevic.