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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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04.12.2008 · 00:00

Partizan glorious in Pionir against Efes

Partizan made a payback for the Istambul loss on the Day 6 of Euroleague against Efes 83:77. The only lead Efes had was 0:2 in the opening then Partizan pulled the strings. Fabulous two quarters and fantastic show in the third quarter pput Partizan 13 points ahead 51:38. Partizan speeded through the 4th period and dominantly finished the game, althogh they had several mistakes which affected the result. "I am very pleased to see that the difference in score is bigger than in Istambul game. We knew that this game was going to be a real chore as it was a very important game for us and they had to win because of Panionios win against Real, and Milan's win against CSKA. Efes got two new olayers and became a Euroleague sponsor in the eve of this game. They came to Belgrade to find a way to go through to Top 16 phase. The difference could have been even bigger if we hadn't had conceived a 3pointer in the final second of the first half and lost several balls in the finish of the game. This was a very hard and important game for us and I have to thank my players for keeping their heads cool in this game. Thanks to Fans for the fanatic support. We are still in race for TOP 16," said Dusko Vujosevic after the game. Partizan – Efes Pilsen 83:77 (21:14, 19:22, 21:15, 22:26) Partizan: Tepic 11, Miloševic , Rašic 18, Tripkovic 9, Velickovic 10, Lasme 11, Aleksic , Vitkovac 6, Božic 3, Rakocevic 2, Vesely 6, Vraneš 7. Efes Pilsen: Smith 12, Shumpert 13, Thornton 7, Gonlum 14, Vujanic 8, Peker 4, Kakiouzis 7, Drobnjak 2, Hammonds 7, Guler 3, Arslan , Akyol .