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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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04.10.2008 · 00:00

Winning start

With winning black and whites opened new basketball season. In first round of NLB league Partizan defeated Krka with final score 74:67. Visiting team started quite well leading 8:0. By the end of first quarter team from Novo Mesto easily widened the gap and on first break they’ve built a lead by 14 points. On a start of a second quarter with scoring another basket they’ve reached their maximum (30:14), which started the wake up of our champion and by playing more aggressive defense they whittled the gap. Half time had a peaceful score 38:38. In third quarter, black ant whites built their lead, and by the 28th minute they reached double digit lead (55:45). By the end of game Partizan’s lead is successfully kept and marked first win in new edition of regional league. “Thing that matters is that we started by winning, although the game was not at a satisfactory level. In real terms having a team 7 days before start of season is short. We had two injures in most inconvenient time – Božic on last prepping tournament in Igalo and Tripkovic 3 days ago while training. This game showed us that we have to work much harder on aggressiveness and running. Krka came to Pionir highly motivated. We knew that Marcelic’s play will be on a higher level although he is a season veteran. It’s good that in such a poor game we snached a victory. Due to some players engangments towards national selection, we needed more time to find our game but we had just a week to train in full assembly.“ said Partizan coach Duško Vujoševic „First game in new season was quite tough for us. Opening of the game was quite poor but we managed till half time to catch up. In a third quarter we increased our lead significantly, although we did’t crack the game, we held lead till the end. Krka was quite unhandy opponent, although they had a several seasons pause in the league. I give thanks to the audience for their great support and I hope to attract more spectators with our game.“ said Partizan’s player Milenko Tepic.Partizan – Krka 74:67 (14:28, 24:10, 23:14, 13:15) Partizan : Lucic , Tepic 20, Riznic , Miloševic 6, Rašic 10, Velickovic 7, Lasme 3, Aleksic 3, Vitkovac 7, Rakocevic 12, Vesely 6, Vraneš . Krka: Sebic 2, Pertov 5, Price 14, Pavic 12, Marcelic 16, Rakocevic 2, Krivec 2, Župavec 5, Žvan , Shields 9.