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Friday, 13.03.2020 (18:00)

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Friday, 13.03.2020 (18:00)


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21.02.2010 · 00:00

New-Old Radivoj Korac Cup Winners!!!

BC Partizan have won the third consecutive Radivoj Korać Cup trophy and the fourth consecutive National Cup trophy beating FMP Železnik in the final match of the tournament 72:62 (18:16, 16:15, 16:18, 22:13)! First three quarters of the match were marked by a scoreline see-saw but the Black and Whites took of mid fourth quarter and ran away to Belgrade with the well known trophy „Žućkova levica“. The most efficient player in Partizan had in Lester 'Bo' McCalebb who scored 16 points while Dušan Kecman trailed him with 14, and MVP of the tournament Aleks Marić scored 10 points for the black and whites. Partizan has just won the 11th National Cup in the club's history. Partizan opened the match with an 8:2 run, but neither team was able to score in next several minutes. Yet, the final two minutes of the first quarter brought us new points and the score of 18:16. The second quarter had much resemblance to the first quarter and after rather offensively uninteresting and defensively very tough 10 minutes the scoreline dragged on. Until, Mitrovic's three pointer brought Partizan a six point lead, however Covic struck back with the same measure and the half time score was 34:31. FMP had a fantastic 9:2 run opener of the second half but Partizan stayed in the game with solid defensive performance until the end of the quarter which finished with a minimal lead for the black and whites - 50:49. The very beginning of the fourth quarter could tell a lot about the better side as Dušan Kecman performed a double combo from the three-point line. Then the skipper of the Black and White ship, Petar Božić hit his first triple-pointer at the right time for his team to improve his poor shooting night as he previously missed five three point shots, and break the opponent entirely - 63:51. Then, the margin expanded to maximum 18 points lead for the black and whites 72:54, because Partizan blocked the opponent in championing fashion. Then, the young Partizan players got their chance to play and participate in the final and experience the 11th National Cup trophy in the club's history. The head coach of BC Partizan, Duško Vujošević explained that the team had lost too much energy against Hemofarm but found some grains of stamina for the final match. "Weaker teams can beat stronger teams when it's all about one match, especially in the play-off series when the job is even harder. We came to Nis with the burden of favourites, and we managed to shake it off in a nice way, as we won the trophy. We came into a situation when we had to bring back Marić, who is one of our best players. That is a very complicated process and requires at least as much time as the injury period lasted to bring the player into the full shape. We managed to do it in a shorter period of time. We had a very tough match against Hemofarm and because of that I was afraid of the final. We have wasted the last atoms of energy against them, because it was the toughest match in the tournament for us. FMP counted on that. They set the game very well psychologically, because they had nothing to lose. Đurović is an excellent tactician, psychologist and competitor. He took all the pressure off the team who made a success when they got in the final. They had nothing to lose while we were a bit cramped because of the favourites tag. We could not score open shots. FMP maintained equal through three quarters and they even took the lead by four in a moment. The match would have been much harder if we had not had break the opponents with two consecutive triples and more aggressive approach. The fans have the players to cheer for while the players have for whom to play. That is the European phenomenon. I have to thank them for the energy they are giving to us when it's important and hard. I am very satisfied" , said BC Partizan Head Coach Duško Vujošević. Partizan – FMP 72:62 (18:16, 16:15, 16:18, 22:13)Partizan: Roberts 4, Sinovec, McCalebb 16, Kecman 14, Milošević 5, Rašić 6, Mitrović 3, Božić 3, Marić 10, Vesely 1, Đekić 2, Vraneš 8 FMP: Čović 6, Stefanović 6, P. Stamenković, Lazić 5, Raduljica 18, Protić 5, Musli 2, Jeremić 5, Samardžiski 7, Radetić, Dimić 5, S. Stamenković 3