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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)


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26.11.2008 · 00:00

European Champions win by just a point

CSKA has luckily won the match in Pionir on Euroleague Day 5, 63:62. Sometimes nothing helps, nor fanatic agility, neither 16 rebounds more than the rival was enough to beat the basketball giant. Our champions played agressive and devoted basketball on the court as soon as they stepped out of the locker room and did their best to prevent CSKA guys to take what they came for. But, Partizan had terrible shooting night in the first two quarters and the guests had 4 points lead at the half time. Partizan played frenticly in the 3rd period but Moscow rivals still managed to keep their lead. Until, Partizan guards scored several shots from the outside to even the score 52:52. Partizan players were scorless in next 5 minutes and CSKA took their lead again but Black and Whites took it again and sailed to the last minute evenly 62:62.Then, a doubtful referees decision ruins the efforts of our guys and Lorbek scores one free throw before Partizan had a chance to win the game in the last attack. Tepic took responsibility, passes through , shoots but off, Partizan had four more chances to score after catching offensive rebounds but the score remained the same. "There is a very thin line between happiness and grief in sports. If only one out of two easy shots was made, it would have been a glorious night when our guys beat European Champions. We played very well, it is still just a young new team. We played an even game and made so many inexplainable turnovers. You could see the desire to win this match as my players had so many rebounds. The crowd gave us wings and a necessity to play the best way we could ,to the final breath, and I am very proud of my guys. They proved that we know what we do and if this (potential) win was inevitable to get out of financial problems in the club and if we needed to show that we are the team to invest in. I think that we were very close to it and I do not regret the loss, especially because no one recognised our success even when we had won even greater matches. If this is not a success for our country, some people should question themselves about that. Once again I thank the FANS and I promise we will pay back," said Dusko Vujosevic, Partizan coach. Partizan – CSKA 62:63 (17:19, 13:15, 22:18, 10:11) Partizan: Lucic , Tepic 14, Miloševic 4, Rašic 5, Tripkovic 8, Velickovic 10, Lasme 6, Aleksic , Božic 6, Rakocevic 4, Vesely 1, Vraneš 4. CSKA: Zisis 10, Keyru , Smodiš 9, Šiškauskas 10, Lorbek 11, Savrašenko , Langdon 6, Kaun , Khryapa 4, Planinic 11, Morris 2.