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10.12.2009 · 00:00

Big Win Over Efes!

One more giant fell down at the blazing court of flames of the hottest European arena 'Pionir'. BC Partizan took over the dramatic finish for the big win against Efes 93-92 for the fourth win in the week 7 of elite European competition. Efes opened the match with a quick run for 4 points lead but Partizan struck back for 5:4. Partizan held a minimal lead until Smith hit a triple with a foul at 8 minutes for the lead of his team which they used to keep the score on their side at the end of the first quarter. The tug of war continued in the second quarter too and neither team made a bigger difference. After five minutes the score was 33:33 but Efes made a slight break for 46:48 which was the halftime score. In the first three minutes of the second half Efes held the three points lead but MacCalebb made it even from the throws and got a new lead for Partizan (53:52). Efes struck back on the very next possession (53:54) and the tug over had no end. The guests from Istanbul had a slight advantage of possession until Vesely slammed the rim for (66:64). Yet, the guests had no intention to lose this game and the third quarter score was (71:72). The score seesaw continued in the fourth quarter too and neither team could make it and run away when Partizan geared up defensively for the biggest lead in the match (81:76). However, the guests made the score even after a 0:5 run (81:81). In those moments the Black and Whites were under pressure for the fact that many players were under threat of fouling out, including captain Božić and Roberts who had already fouled out earlier. At score of 85:85, at two minutes until the final buzzer Rakočević hit a clutch triple but Kecman hit back in the same manner for 88:88. And then, the infarct drama started with the start of the last minute of the match. The guests scored for 88:90, but Marić, the MVP of the match, dunked back for 90:90. The black and whites made a foul at 16 second until the end and Peker hits the first but missed the second throw 90:91, Marić grabbed the ball and Efes made a foul on him. Marić hit only the second throw for 91:91 and Partizan stopped Efes's possession with another foul at 9 second until the end. Thornton missed the first throw but hit the second for 91:92 and Partizan had the chance to finish the match with the win after the timeout. Vujošević drafted the final attack and the responsibility for it went to Partizan's player with the most experience, Kecman who used a powerful block from great Marić and hit cold-blooded shot from the free throw line for 93:92. Ataman called final time out at a bit more than 2 seconds until the final buzzer but Nachbar just could not score from 12 meters and over unbelievable rumble from the stands of the basketball temple. The stats at the end of the match for Aleks Marić, were impressive. The MVP of the Euroleague Week 7 scored 34 points and 16 rebounds, and record overall rating of 49! "I must say that I am overjoyed with the win over Efes direct rivals for the next Euroleague phase. The match was tough and Efes is the hard rival to beat. They have risen the form of the team through the season and after several results that complicated the situation in our group they were in the situation to play a very important match in Belgrade. The match had a lot of importance to us too and therefore we were under pressure which was obvious at the start of the match. We had enormous desire to win this game and it was visible through offensive rebounds, which was maybe the key of the win. We could not play tougher defensively because the refs did not allow any contact with their guards and kept on whistling fouls to us each and every time. That is why we could not play the game on a smaller amount of points which would have probably enabled us a more secure victory. After all, very important basket from Kecman decided the game and proved once more that there is a thin line between good and bad luck in basketball. If the ball gets in, the game is won, if it goes wide, the game is lost and the comments are completely opposite. Thanks to the fans for tremendous support in crucial moments for us. They motivated us magnificently and added to our aggressiveness. Big compliments to players, who proved that they can beat even one of the best Euroleague teams. We keep chances for Top 16 phase with this win, but each and every Euroleague game is a big trouble and I am glad that our work before and during the game pays off and gets great sense," said Partizan Head Coach Duško Vujošević after the match. Partizan – Efes Pilsen 93:92 (19:20, 27:28, 25:24, 22:20) Partizan: Roberts 6, Sinovec , McCalebb 17, Kecman 12, Milošević , Rašić 8, Mitrović , Božić 5, Marić 34, Vesely 6, Đekić 3, Vraneš 2. Efes Pilsen: Kasun 5, Smith 18, Rakočević 24, Shumpert , Tunceri , Thornton 1, Peker 17, Nachbar 14, Kuqo , Santiago 6, Guler , Arslan 7.