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Saturday, 23.01.2021 (19:00)

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Saturday, 23.01.2021 (19:00)


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22.11.2008 · 00:00

Thunderous streak for a Tivoli win

Splendid play in the final quarter gave our team the eighth win in NLB league. Petar Bozic scored a three in 35. minut and started a streak 14:2 which was enough to win the game. Lasme scored too, then Velickovic scored 7 in a row to finish the game 61:66 after losing 59:55. Olimpija proved to be a very hardened rival, regardless the losing streak and a lot of problems. Guys from Ljubljana controled the game and had a two digit lead all the way but Partizan made a shortcut to the way. Dusko Vujosevic said: "The result is much better than the way we played. Olimpija lost seven games by one ball, which is very bad for the atmosphere and it is a very large burden for them. Anyway it is very important that we won the game especilly because our rivals who are fighting for their place in Final 4. Except the win, I am very glad to have shown how much potential has Jan Vesely, who will be our class player in years to come." Union Olimpija – Partizan 61:66 (23:14, 27:12, 13:18, 8:22) Union Olimpija: Ilievski 11, Klobucar 1, Rudež 8, Jurkovic 3, Robinson 5, Begic 10, Sarajlija, Radojevic, Golubovic 7, Zupan 2, Ožbolt 14. Partizan: Lucic, Tepic 7, Miloševic, Rašic 6, Tripkovic 5, Velickovic 18, Lazme 8, Aleksic, Božic 3, Rakocevic 13, Veseli 6, Vraneš.