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Tuesday, 27.04.2021 (19:00)

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Tuesday, 27.04.2021 (19:00)


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03.02.2021 · 22:56

Great turnaround and victory for Partizan

With only 21 points for received in the second half, the black and whites defeated team from Kuban with 71:69 (22:24, 13:24, 17: 8, 19:13) in the 4th round of the "Ranko Zeravica" Sports Hall in the top 16 phase of the 7Days Eurocup.

A big turnaround for the triumph of Partizan NIS against Lokomotiva Kuban! Thanks to a Perkins points, the Steamroller recorded an important triumph 4 seconds before the end of the match and thus reached the second victory in the Top 16 phase of the 7Days Eurocup. During most of the first quarter, the guests were in the lead, and after ten minutes it was 22:24. In the second half, "Loko" reached a high +18, and the break between the two halves went with the result of 35:48 in favor of the visiting team.


In the second part of the match, the black and whites showed a strong character and completely returned to the match. Step by step, Partizan NIS returned to the match so that the triples of Jaramaz and Perkins would bring the equalizer to 32 seconds before the end of the match. The black and whites first defended the attack organized by the Russian team from the car, and then Perkins brought the key 71:69 for the very important triumph of Partizan in the already described breakthrough!


At the press conference held after the game, the coach of the black and whites, Sasa Filipovski, stated:


"This season is extremely difficult, we lost a lot of games, so we got our doctorate back with focus and difficult duels. The match was very difficult. We were in minus 18 points, but after that we woke up in the second half, we were more aggressive and stronger. That gave us wings. We played a good defense in the second half and received only 21 points. "I am happy for the victory and the guys who work hard and who left their heart on the field, especially in the second half," said Filipovski.



Partizan NIS

Mika 8, Zagorac, Paige 8, Dangubic, Jaramaz 11, Velickovic 9, Perkins 9, Jankovic 3, Radovanovic, Thomas 23, Trifunovic, Mosley


Lokomotiv Kuban

Williams Goss 5, Cummings 5, Hervey 15, Motovilov 6, Kalnietis 2, Ilnitskiy, Kuzminskas 2, Lynch 10, Martiuk, Crawford 16, Gordon 7, Yemchenko 1


(Photo: Dragana Stjepanovic, video: BC Partizan TV)