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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)

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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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18.01.2021 · 11:17

Partizan NIS against Metropolitans 92

In the şecond round of the Top 16 phase of the Eurocup, the Steamroller will play against the domestic Metropolitans in Paris on Tuesday at 20:45. (Live broadcast on TV Sport Klub). In the second round of the Top 16 phase of the 7Days Eurocup, players of Partizan NIS will play against the French Metropolitans in Paris on Tuesday at 20:45. In the first round of the newly formed Group F, the black and whites convincingly defeated Trento at home, while the Metropolitans won against Lokomotiv Kuban on the road in Krasnodar. After the match in Podgorica, the players and the professional staff of Partizan arrived in Belgrade on Sunday, from where they traveled to Paris in the early morning flight on Monday.


 Before tomorrow's game, Partizan NIS coach Sasa Filipovski says:


 "We are facing new challenges and the expectations from this game are to give our best. Metropolitans is the team that surprised Lokomotiva from Krasnodar in the first round, in a game they played maturely and strongly. They have a good team and showed high quality. If we play combatively and wisely, we have a chance and we can surprise them. The challenge awaits us, there is no bad team in the Top 16 phase of the competition and we will do our best to play at a high level. The French team has strengthened with playmaker Stall, who has a quick shot for three points On the other hand, they have fast and strong players under the basket, they are fast in transition and attack one on one. They play basketball which is a mixture of French basketball and the system established by coach Zdovc. Our chance is in good defense, jumping in attack, to play as a team as possible and to include all players in the game, "Filipovski pointed out.


Black and white playmaker Josh Perkins said before the game in Paris:


"Metropolitans is another quality team that has good defenders, good shooters and they play in the Top 16 for a reason. This match is another test for us, but we are looking forward to it. The key to the victory will be team defense, a joint team game, through which we will "put into action the coach's strategy for this game. We have to play with each other and for each other and that will lead us to victory," Perkins said.


 (Photo: Dragana Stjepanović)