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Saturday, 23.01.2021 (19:00)

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Saturday, 23.01.2021 (19:00)


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12.01.2021 · 12:38

Nikola Loncar: "We believe in this team and in achieving our goals"

"We are active on the market, we have brought reinforcements to position one, and at this moment we have decided not to bring players at position four at all costs. All players who make up the Partizan team have our full trust ", pointed out the sports director of BC Partizan NIS.

BC Partizan NIS believes in the team, the professional staff and the achievement of our goals both in the current season and in the years to come. In the current season, the chances for placement in the playoffs of the ABA league have not been lost and Partizan has an obligation to fight for the playoffs. On the second front, we start Top 16 phase of the Eurocup on Wednesday, with the ambition to advance to the quarterfinals of the continental competition.


The professional staff and I, as the sports director, are actively monitoring the situation on the market with the desire to further strengthen the existing team, which largely has the continuity of playing together. After the departures of Angola, Gordic and Stefan Jankovic, we strengthened the team in position one with the arrival of Perkins, while at this moment a decision was made not to bring a player who covers position four. The desire of the sports sector is not to bring a player at any cost in order to fill in the number, but only if he can improve the existing team and bring him what he does not have at the moment. Therefore, we leave the possibility to strengthen in the continuation of the season, if an adequate player appears on the market. If that is not the case, we will consider the possibility of investing money in some younger players who could become the bearers of Partizan  in a next few seasons. Funds for bringing in another player have been provided by the club's management, while obligations to the existing squad are being settled in a timely manner. The players who make up the Partizan team have the quality for much higher results than the current ones, and we are convinced that they will achieve them with maximum engagement and commitment to their obligations. We are in a delicate moment, but we firmly believe in our choice and positive results in the matches that follow.

 Nikola Loncar

 sports director

BC Partizan NIS