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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)

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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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09.01.2021 · 18:43

Defeat of the black and whites in the hall near Morava

On the road in Cacak, Partizan NIS lost to Borac with the result 75:71 (19:15, 19:18, 22:17, 15:21) in the 14th round of the ABA league.

The black and whites did not manage to celebrate in Cacak. From the beginning of the match, the home team had a slight advantage, which was double-digit during the second section. However, Partizan NIS managed to get to -2 with eight consecutive points, but Borac managed to increase the advantage to 38:33 by the time they went on a fifteen-minute break.


In the third quarter, the black and whites approached -1, but Borac also rejected this onslaught of Partizan and returned the double-digit advantage (60:50) at the end of the third section. The last period, the black and whites open with a series of 10: 0 and thus the game enters an uncertain ending. Three minutes before the end of the match, Partizan NIS took the lead, but the home team quickly found the answer and in the end, after the uncertain end of the match, reached the final 75:71.


At the press conference held after the match, the coach of the black and whites, Sasa Filipovski, stated:

"I congratulate Borac on a more than deserved victory. They practically led from start to finish. In the attack, they spread us, scored, played good basketball.

We also lost Jaramaz, I hope it is not a serious injury. In the end, it is normal that I am not satisfied with the game or the attack, even though we worked, but that work was not seen. "Today, there was no organization in the attack, not much smart passes and patience, and on the other hand, we were bad in the defense when returning and helping from the first pass," said Filipovski.


Borac Cacak

Thornton, Smith 2, Djokovic 12, Miletic 9, Gavrilovic 6, Kocovic 17, Nerandzic, Karapandzic, Novakovic 6, Jones 5, Todorovic 14, Carapic


Partizan NIS

Mika 7, Miller-McIntyre 9, Zagorac 5, Paige 11, Dangubic 13, Jaramaz 6, Velickovic, Perkins, Jankovic 6, Thomas 10, Trifunovic, Mosley 4

(Photo: Dusko Radisic, video: BC Borac Cacak)