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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)

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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)


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19.12.2020 · 18:06

Partizan lost to Krka in the "Leon Stukelj" hall

In the 11th round of the ABA league, Partizan NIS lost to Krka in Novo Mesto with the result 69:50 (22:10, 17:14, 13: 8, 17:18)

In the 11th round of the ABA league, black and whites were defeated by the home team Krka in the "Leon Stukelj" hall. Except for the initial 1:2, the black and whites were constantly behind in terms of results, which, thanks to a good shot by the home team by three points, amounted to 12 points after the first quarter (22:10). In the second half, the home team managed to maintain and increase the advantage. At the beginning of the third quarter, Partizan NIS managed to keep the home team for almost 4 minutes without a point received, but beyond -11, the black and whites did not manage to come close in this game. In the final 15 minutes of the match, the home team managed to increase the advantage and save the result until the final 69:50.


At the press conference held after the match, the coach of Partizan NIS, Sasa Filipovski, stated:


"It's hard to talk after this game. I'm ashamed and disappointed. Krka deserved victory, they played a good game. We ran into a mine and I only can congratulate Krka. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, you just have to survive.  Now we need to use the days ahead to work. We have seven days to work, we have the game against Venice. I believe in hard work, not in fairy tales. I am disappointed and personaly affected by the outcome of this match. There are two options: either rise or fail. I will give my maximum to rise up and get back the quality of the game that we showed with hard training. We lost some games by one point, but today we completely failed in the attack," Filipovski pointed out.


When asked by journalists whether changes in the team are needed, coach Filipovski said:


"We'll see, it's not just up to me. We need to see what and how. We need to talk to the players and the management to find a common ground. It's easiest to point the finger. I need to point out my responsibility first. I'm to blame for this defeat."


Asked if Partizan can reach the ABA League playoffs, Filipovski said:


"I believe it can, but it needs to be done. Words don't say much but the court," Filipovski pointed out.


Medved, Stregar 2, Kemfor 16, Stipcevic 13, Vrabac 9, Baric 8, Kosi 8, Skific 5, Lapornik 4, Rebec, Vucetic 4

Partizan NIS

Mika 6, Miller-McIntyre 12, Zagorac 9, Paige, Dangubic, Gordic 3, Jaramaz 4, Velickovic, Jankovic 5, Thomas 7, Trifunovic 2, Mosley 2


(Photo: Drago Perko, video: Krka)