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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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12.12.2020 · 21:20

0.6 seconds is enough for Partizan's winning shot

In the 10th round of the ABA league, Partizan NIS defeated Mega Basket in the Sports Hall "Ranko Zeravica" with 79:77 (16:27, 24:23, 16:15, 23:12) after another dramatic end of the Partizan match.

Basketball fans, and especially Partizan fans, have known for a long time that 0.6 seconds is enough to hit a winning shot. Such a scenario was seen tonight in the "Ranko Zeravica" Sports Hall. With the result of 77:77, just over 5 seconds before the end of the game, the Black and Whites had only 0.6 left for the last attack. Coach Filipovski called an action after which Rashawn Thomas was left alone. Although the wing center of the black and whites did not hit from the game until that moment, after 8 misses, he hit the ninth shot and thus brought a key advantage to his team. In the last few seconds, Momirov tried to bring Mega a turnaround with a half-court shot, but without success and an important victory went to Partizan.

Before the described end of the match, the guests gained a double-digit advantage in the opening minutes of the match, which remained in power after the first ten minutes of the game, but also before going to a fifteen-minute break between the second and third quarters when the score was 40:50.

In the third quarter, Mega managed to increase their advantage several times, but after Petrusev's three pointer for -14, Miller-McIntyre gave five tied points, which brought Partizan to -9 after 30 minutes. Where Miller-McIntyre stopped, Paige continued with two three-pointers, bringing the black and whites to -3. Steamroller did not stop there either, but the series was continued by Miller-McIntyre, Jankovic and finally captain Velickovic, who sealed the series of 17: 0 with a three and brought an advantage of 68:65. However, in the last minute, the guests took the lead again, but Partizan equalized through Mosley. This was followed by the great block of Mosley, thanks to which the black and whites had the opportunity to triumph in the last attack.

At the press conference held after the match, the coach of the black and whites, Sasa Filipovski, stated:


"I have to congratulate Mega Basket on a top performance, especially in the first half, where we gave points in attack, and we didn't find the right weapon in defense to stop their game. We had a lot of problems with counterattacks, pick-and-roll defense and their jump in attack. At the halftime, we agreed to keep that concentration, not to lose hope, that it is still a game that is played for 40 minutes, and in the second half we received only 27 points. We played harder in defense and in the end, with a dose of luck, we won this game. We had two games that we lost, I think Partizan lost more games on the basket difference than we won, so it comes back sometimes. I am satisfied with the victory. I am pleased that we have kept our concentration and calm, because in these situations, hope is lost, there is a conflict, and that did not happen today. The team stayed together, players encouraged each other, we did not lose hope, we fought to the end and believed in a turnaround. Thomas, who had 0/8 from the game, hit that shot in the attack, in which we had 0.6 seconds left until the end. I congratulate my players on their return to the match and Mega Basket on a great game," said Filipovski.

Watch the video of the end of the match from the angle of BC Partizan TV and the statement of Kodi Miller-McIntyre:

See the analysis of the match with captain Novica Veličković:

Partizan NIS

Mika, Miller-McIntyre 22, Zagorac 4, Paige 15, Dangubic 2, Gordic 7, Jaramaz 5, Velickovic 8, Jankovic 3, Thomas 3, Trifunovic, Mosley 10


Mega Basket

Miskovic 2, Smith 8, Petrusev 23, Tepic 4, Kljajevic, Momirov 6, Novak 10, Simonovic 14, Jovicic, Cerovina 5, Kazalon 3, Langovic 2

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanovic, video: BC Partizan TV, ABA League)