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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)

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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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31.10.2020 · 21:36

The points remained in Laktasi after the overtime

Partizan NIS lost in the 5th round of ABA league against Igokea after 45 minutes of basketball with 90:84 (26:21, 19:22, 14:12, 20:24, 11: 5).

Partizan NIS did not manage to record a triumph in the uncertain final against Igokea away in Laktasi. The black and whites took the lead with 2: 9 at the start of the match, but the host quickly reached a turning point and finished the first quarter with a lead of 26:21. Partizan NIS had a double-digit minus in the second quarter, but in the finish of the second quarter it reached and overtook the rival. However, Igokea took the lead in the last attack and went to a fifteen-minute break with two extra points - 45:43. In the extension of the match, the teams took turns in the lead, after which they entered in an uncertain finale in which the captain of the black and whites, Novica Veličković, hit a three-pointer for overtime. In the additional five minutes, the home team was more precise in the attack and record the victory with the result 90:84.


At the press conference held after the match, coach Milivoje Lazić, who led Partizan in this match, stated: 

"All congratulations to Igokea for the victory. During this short time that this change has taken place, we have tried to establish control in some of the principles that have been set in the past few months. However, weakness was showed again in the last few minutes, especially when we did not react properly to the takeover and to the stronger defense. We didn’t have luck for most of the game, considering that there were a lot of unforeseen circumstances such as fouls in the attack, unsportsmanlike fouls and a lot of missed goals, with a quality defense. Igokea shot very well and threw some heavy shots over arm with the sound of a siren. They picked up a lot of balls and were very combative. Until a certain moment, we parried them, but they skipped us after that. We don’t have much time for despair. We need to prepare for the next game and we have to get together and be ready as soon as possible. We will have more time to work and prepare well for Joventut ", said Lazić.


Clemmons 14, Atić 5, Jovanović 3, Jošilo 7, Talić, Ilić, Pot 6, Waller 17, Carmichael 27, Fundić 11  


Partizan NIS

Mika 4, Miller-McIntyre 9, Zagorac 17, Paige 8, Dangubić 7, Gordić 19, S. Janković, Angola, Veličković 8, N. Janković 2, Thomas 6, Trifunović 4