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Saturday, 23.01.2021 (19:00)

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Saturday, 23.01.2021 (19:00)


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25.10.2020 · 20:58

Partizan NIS defeated Cedevita Olimpija

Partizan beat Cedevita Olimpija with 86:77 (16:19, 22:21, 26:24, 22:13) in the 4th round of ABA league.

Steamroller achieved the third consecutive victory in all competitions. Partizan NIS was better than Cedevita Olimpija in the Sports Hall "Ranko Žeravica" with 86:77.

At the start of the match, Partizan took the lead with 6: 2, and then the guests from Ljubljana turn-around the result, which they kept until the end of the first section (16:19). During the second quarter, Steamroller was in the lead almost all the time, but the visiting team still managed to take a fifteen-minute break with a plus-two - 38:40.

An uncertain match was also seen in the second half when the teams often changed in the lead, and the turning points of the match happened during the middle of the last quarter when Partizan managed to break the resistance of the opponent with a series of 16: 0.

In the last few attacks, the blacks and whites calmly brought the match to the end and reached an important triumph. 

At the post-match press conference, Partizan coach Vlado Scepanovic said:

"First of all, I would like to congratulate the players on the shown character in a difficult time when things are not going well. They showed character again and demontrated that when everyone gives what it takes to make a team, the team eventually wins. I have said a thousand times that this Partizan can only win as a team. And players showed that with a big heart and quality after all, because when you have so many rebounds and offensive rebounds, it automatically means that you play as a team. Simply, without two very important players in the rotation, everyone answered in the right way, without vanity and ego. They gave everything they could give tonight for the team and beat one opponent who may be better than us at this moment and better in this period, but the best not always wins. Partizan, as I said before the game, has an obligation to always go for the win and will always go for the win, no matter what the situation is ", said Scepanovic.

Partizan NIS

Mika 9, Miller-McIntyre 17, Zagorac 4, Paige 9, Dangubić 10, Gordić 11, S. Janković, Angola, Veličković 6, N. Janković 4, Thomas 13, Trifunović 3


Cedevita Olimpija 

Radović, Perry 3, Hopkins 10, Duščak, Murić 13, Ukić 6, Blažič 24, Brown 10, Hodžić, Marinković, Ščuka, Jones 11