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Saturday, 23.01.2021 (19:00)

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Saturday, 23.01.2021 (19:00)


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20.10.2020 · 13:17

Partizan won the dispute with Expo Bank: The total benefit of the club is over 2.3 million euros

A three-year struggle yields results. "Complete satisfaction only when the achievements go through the club's accounting," said President Mijailović.

The three-year struggle of the management of BC Partizan NIS with the harmful and, as it turned out, a legally null and void contract that the club had with Expo Bank (formerly Marfin Bank) gave results. The court passed the first-instance verdict and it reads: Partizan does not owe anything to the bank, while the bank is obliged to pay the club advertising compensation for the amount of 77 million dinars, plus the accrued interest. In total, the bank's debt to BC Partizan NIS amounts to around 105 million dinars.

When the amount of 1,450,000 euros is added to the sum that the club will earn, which was the amount of the bank's defeat against Partizan before the lawsuit, there is a total financial benefit for the club for the amount higher than 2.3 million euros.

This decision is a first instance and all parties have the right to appeal. Nevertheless, the president of BC Partizan NIS, Ostoja Mijailović, expresses satisfaction with this outcome of the court proceedings:

"We believed in this process and we believe that all steps, including a possible appeal, will be completed in about half a year. As a club, we will feel the financial benefit only when the verdict is final, ie. when the bank pays the court fee," he said. Mijailović said:

"I would like to openly give recognition to our legal team for a fantastic job, but also emphasize that we will feel the final satisfaction only when this verdict passes through the club's accounting.  That is, when the debt is posted and the income is registered," Mijailovic pointed out.