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Sunday, 15.12.2019 (20:00)


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05.10.2009 · 00:00

Danilović: Palacio Will not be in Our Roster!

Milton Palacio will not be a member of the Black and White squad. Regarding the fact that Palacio did not join the team, although being allowed long delay, Humska club decided to break the fresh deal with the experienced point guard. The final decision was made after the game in Denver. Partizan President Predrag Danilović declared the news official today:"The agreement with Palacio was clear and he should have joined the team in Chicago, and not just coming in Belgrade a couple of days before the league starts. He called and said that he had some health issues, soon after he had some legal issues and that he needed two days to solve the problems. He assured us that he will join the squad every moment. It just did not happen. He broke all deadlines drastically and we were forced to react, and deliver the final and definite decision that Palacio will not be a member of Partizan roster for the season 2009?2010. Now we have a task to find two more players to conclude forming of the roster for the forthcoming season. One player is supposed to play on Power Forward and the other should fill the vacancy on the point guard. We will maybe be unable to complete the task by the start of the NLB league but we will do the utmost to close the roster for the first match of Euroleague. “