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Saturday, 23.01.2021 (19:00)


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12.11.2008 · 00:00

We won't promise what we can't do

Predrag Danilovic, BC Partizan president, gave a statement for Belgrade media about blocked account by the side of "Marfin Bank": "People should know that the debt is the part of Partizan's history and that it is heridatory and that Partizan is not denying it's duties. Marfin Bank did not displayed complete details in their statement for the media. The essence is that we negotiate normal and civilized solution to the problem on realistic basis. I repeat we do not deny our duties. We will have a new meeting tomorrow and I expect both sides will agree to solve the problem in ASAP. Sometimes they are not happy after the negotiations, and sometimes we are not, too. We want to discuss realisticly and not to promise something we can't do. The crucial point is to get off the burden which stops us function in a normal way. It is not normal that the only spotlight team in this country always stays out of real support. Players will certainly not be affected by the situation. But, if no one needs us, we should be told so, we would then lock the club and go homes."