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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)

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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)


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06.12.2019 · 10:05

Mozzart Sport and Partizan NIS donated a cutting edge incubator to OGC Narodni Front

During a nice gathering on Partizan NIS' outdoor courts, the youngest players, aided by the seniors, scored enough points to "earn" enough funds, which Mozzart Sport directed towards buying a cutting edge incubator.

Yesterday, the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic Narodni Front got a cutting edge incubator, as a donation from Mozzart Sport and Partizan NIS. This machine will significantly improve the conditions in the biggest maternity hospital in the Balkans, in which more than 7,500 babies are born every year.  

The funds for procuring the cutting edge incubator were raised by the youngest members of the black and white family during the announcement of the partnership between the regional leader in the games of chance industry, Mozzart Sport and Partizan NIS.

During yesterday's delivery of the medical equipment, Novica Veličković said in the name of the black and whites:

"It's an amazing feeling to come to a maternity hospital and hand in a donation that will enable better care for the newborns. I believe that this is very helpful for the employees of the OGC Narodni Front, who have responsible and stressful jobs, but one of the most noble jobs, as well. I know that for years now Mozzart Sport has been supportive in all areas in order to improve our society, and that is why I am more than glad that we have a partnership with them. I would like to thank Mozzart for the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful action and I am looking forward to new joint victories", said Veličković.

The Chief of the hospital, Dr. Željko Miković, pointed out the importance of successful enterprises investing in the betterment of the conditions for mothers and babies in OGC Narodni Front.

"Each year, there are around 1,000 pre-term babies in OGC Narodni Front, and around 200 weigh under 500 grams. Cutting edge machines, such as this one, serve first and foremost to our youngest patients and increase their chance of not only surviving, but of growing into healthy people without any consequences. Some of our incubators are, unfortunately, 20 or more years old, and because of that it is even more significant that companies see the importance of such donations for the improvement of conditions in our OG clinic. I would like to thank the captain, Novica Veličković, and Mozzart, which has, once again, shown a high level om empathy for the community", Miković pointed out. 

As the Chief of Corporate Communications, Borjan Popović, explained, Mozzart company seeks to cooperate with the community in order to solve the current problems wherever possible, for the well-being of everyone.

"After a tour of the biggest maternity hospital in the Blakans, we saw what kinds of "miracles" Dr. Miković and his team does in order to take care of the youngest patients, and especially the ones who need additional care, in the proper way. We are convinced that health care is an area which a lot of investment, and we are proud to say that the OGC Narodni Front will work better with our help. There are many young parents among the employees at Mozzart and currently we have around 200 female co-weorkers on pregnancy and maternity leave, which also depicts our view of this important social topic. A big thank to our friend at Partizan, we are truly happy when we help those who take care of our youngest, because this is a real example of investing in future",  Popović concluded.

(Photo: Mozzart)