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Wednesday, 10.03.2021 (20:30)

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Wednesday, 10.03.2021 (20:30)


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01.12.2019 · 21:50

The Steamroller scores 100 for a victory against Krka

Partizan NIS defeated Krka from Novo Mesto in the 9th round of the ABA League, with the score 102:80  (22:20, 24:17, 23:19, 33:24). Ovations for the rugby team, the youngest team, and the long term announcer, Nebojša Bogojević Čarli.

In the 9th round of the ABA League, The black and whites were convincing against Krka from Novo Mesto, having achieved their 6th win in the regional championship. The guests opened with a few three-pointers in a row, however, the black and whites found a way until the end of the 1st quarter to respond and take the advantage, with the score 22:20. Right before the end of the 1st half, the black and whites gained a more significant advantage and went to the break between the two halves with the score 46:37.

As the game went on, the black and whites were, at times, up by 20, and the guests from Novo Mesto were unable to make a comeback. Until the end of the game, the black and whites controlled the situation on the court, and recorded a triumph with 13 score 3-pointer, the most this season. 

At the press conference after the game, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said:

"It's unpleasant to play a game for 40 minutes with five point guards on the court, to guard them. We were much better in the 2nd half, we were specific. It wasn't great, but we did the job we had to. We had a lot of energy, you could see that we were rested. We even had a few good assists, that's the story of the game", Trinchieri pointed out. 


During half-time, the audience gave a big round of applause for Partizan's rugby team, champions of Serbia, and winners of the National Cup.


After them, the youngest Partizan NIS team ran out on the court, and played for a few minutes between the 2nd and 3rd quarters. The audience watched the kids that represent Partizan's future with delight.

Also, before the very beginning of the 3rd quarter, a special gift was presented to the long term announcer for Partizan NIS, Nebojša Bogojević Čarli - a jersey with the number 15, for the 15 years he has been with Partizan. Mlađan Šilobad, Executive Director of the black and whites, gave the present to the famous Čarliju, whose voice hosts Partizan's home games.

Partizan NIS

Walden 11, Zagorac 16, Gordić 4, Jaramaz 17, Miletić 4, Veličković 9, Birčević 20, Janković, Thomas, Peiners 12, Mosley 9.


Cosey 24, Jones 5, Marinelli 11, Škedelj, Stipaničev 2, Đapa 7, Fifolt, Balažič, Jošilo 15, Rakićević 2, Lapornik 4, Ramljak 10.

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović, video: BC Partizan TV / ABA League)