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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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02.04.2019 · 09:54

Ostoja Mijailovic: "Proud of the fact that we look in our yard and play good basketball"

Day after the new episode of insults and hypocrisy from Zeleznik, as I announced last week, I am forced to step into the mud and answer to someone who is the last to share lessons after so many years of hatred, violence and all the work.

However, before contrary to my belief that such things should not take a place in sports, I do what I need to do to protect the club I run, I want to point out the following:

Partizan is a club that looks out in its yard, dedicated and honestly working to recover and strengthen the club. I am proud of what has been done in the past two years and I do my best to continue on that path. I am proud of the fact that basketball fans in Serbia and the region are able to give the ABA League semi-final series, which is of interest to the F4 Euroleague. At this point, we will not be immodest if we note that the ABA League semifinals are the focus of the European basketball public, who are watching the exciting matches in both semifinals with great care. Also, I want to emphasize how proud I am that Partizan plays good basketball and that we have a bright present and future.


I am also proud that Dragan Kicanovic comes to the Partizan cocktail, which includes Bodiroga, Paspalj, Djordjevic, Krstic, Pavlovic, and especially the president of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts with his grandson. These are all signs that we are doing a good job and that we are on the right track.

Unfortunately, instead of enjoying a good sports show and fighting on the field, I'm forced to react to certain things.

If in Serbia you try to advocate the gentle manners of running the club and in public, if you do not replicate the calls and insults, and through the media do not in any way establish the facts, then the many years of the initiator's actions, his many times told lies, become true , like the one about "trunking."

When I saw yesterday's announcement, at first I thought it was an April Fool's joke, but since the media did not confirm it a day later, I felt honored. Here's why.

In such a short period of time, I joined the company of not "self-proclaimed" on the Pioneer banners, but of the true Red Star legends such as Dragan Dzajic, Moka Slavnic, Duci Simonovic and Zoran Radovic. When such magnitudes are disparaged and insulted from the same address, it is an honor, at least for that reason, to be in their company.

When you realize that you are called as Dejan Bodiroga, Sasa Djordjevic, Sasa Danilovic, Dejan Tomasevic, Zoran Savic, Rasa Radovanovic, Zeljko Obradovic, and now Andrea Trinkijeri, you feel satisfied that you are on the right side.

As a businessman representing and running three major global brands in the region, Jaguar, Range Rover and the biggest basketball, BC Partizan, I have no time for marifetluks, bumps, spins, commissioned interviews and morning programs.

It is disgusting that after spitting, shaking baskets, shooting torches, belts, urine, water, a VIP ball, chasing players on the court by a club driver, PP apparatus, starting a cafe in Pionir ... to organize the match and especially to desecrate the cup. , says the organizer at whose match the goblet was stolen and destroyed.

I found the excuse for entering the mud in the reaction of the biggest icon of FC Red Star, because when the calm and measured, respected Dragan Džajić everywhere, resorted to insults and lies, he resorted to force, which he did not apply to the beats who ruthlessly beat him throughout his career, why not to respond verbally.

With my 39 years and being raised in a healthy Serbian, domestic family from Prislonica, which I am proud of, from which I went abroad and earned my capital there, it does not fit me to repay someone who is twenty-two years older than I am, no matter how hard I try it drags me into the mud where it works best.

I am against insulting from the stands of any kind, especially family members, regardless of how they misbehaved, provoked, stated things that do not honor anyone, but also indirectly and yet directly direct close clubs, contrary to the applicable legal acts .

All the ugly chants and insults from the stands are for condemnation, as well as insults in all morning programs with national frequency, or those of relatives in Zeleznik, which are heard and seen on TV broadcast, with the expulsion of family members by the judges.

I appealed to the "Grobare" to sing Partizan again, not the songs of rival fans, created 13 years ago in Zeleznik, when they were also not allowed to enter the Star game against the former FMP with pepper prices, only then with more more vulgar messages and banners, as evidenced by the archive.

As a responsible man I have never, and will not insult any player, coach, legend, and especially not a Red Star fan. These are my friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues, and I will not insult them through morning programs and interviews. I would never say that it will be better to live in Serbia when Partizan is the champion, that I will put a spot on the red and white world, and that the Star can be ABA champion only if he steals it. Or offended presidents of the Future, Cedevita, Olympia, judges, commissioners, presidents, secretaries general of the federation, journalists, coaches ...

Partizan has public sponsors, but still less than those who call us, who in their ranks have seven foreigners in the first and four in the development team, which we have never pointed out anywhere.

I have never been guided by the motto "to give a neighbor a cow," looking at someone else's yard, sharing lessons with others, spreading hatred and tension in these two years. Everybody knows from when they exist, who feeds on them, and they cheer the fans as these announcements. I also know my appreciation of opposing, not hostile, players, coaches, especially supporters, which some would not say.

The scenario of incitement and warming of the tensions has long been recognized even before my entry into BC Partizan. Who was guilty then?

Nevertheless, I would end up in the positive tone and positive promise I was able to find in yesterday's announcement. The undersigned stressed that he would organize the third leg of the semi-final playoff series at the Euroleague level. I make a public announcement that I take it for a word and look forward to if it really is.


Ostoja Mijailovic

President of BC Partizan NIS