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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)

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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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09.03.2019 · 21:23

Incomplete Partizan defeated Igokea

In the 21st round of the ABA League, the black and whites defeated the team from Republika Srpska, with the score 67:57 (14:13, 17:10, 16:16, 20:18).

The incomplete Partizan documented a victory in the 21st round of the ABA League. The black and whites started the game against Igokea without Vanja Marinković, Aleksej Nikolić, and Ognjen Jaramaz, as well as with the injured Alex Renfroe, who decided to clench his teeth and play for a few minutes. Still, that didn't distract their teammates from playing competitively and documenting a victory with the score 67:57.

Even though there weren't many points scored, the spectators in Aleksandar Nikolić Hall saw a lot of attractive shots. By Sy, Janković...


and Jock Landale.

The black and whites gained a more substantial advantage in the second quarter, and they settled the question of the winner in the middle of the final quarter, when the result on the scoreboard said 60:45 for Partizan NIS.

During the press conference after the game, the black and whites' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said:

"We will talk about basketball tomorrow...It's hard to play without 4 guards, but we tried with the weapons we have, it didn't look pretty, but we got the job done. I'm sorry, I would always like to give the best to the people who come to watch the game, but at this moment and with this team, this was the best. Everything in offense was hard, and we did our best in defense. It wasn't a great game, but we're moving on", Trinchieri pointed out.

With this win. the black and whites documented their 14th triumph in the ABA League this season. Until the beginning of the playoffs, Partizan NIS have one more game against FMP.

Partizan NIS 

N. Janković 6, Paige 8, Trifunović, Sy 2, Gegić 8, Veličković 7, Pecarski, Zagorac 5, Renfroe, S. Janković 5, Landale17, Gagić 9


Musić 3, Talić, Lešić 16, Adamović 7, Milošević, Jerrett, Radivojević 8, Williams 8, Ilić 13, Anđušić  Rikić, Luković 2

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović, video: ABA League / Partizan NIS BC)