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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)

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Wednesday, 03.03.2021 (20:00)


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03.03.2019 · 20:11

The final possession took the victory

In the last minute of the 20th round ABA League game, the black and whites were up by 2 points against Crvena zvezda MTS, but, the home team managed to use two possessions, while the black and whites didn't use their chance, and the game ended with the score 70:68 (16:16, 16:18, 20:14, 18:20).

The last minute of the derby in the 20th round of the ABA League between Crvena zvezda MTS and Partizan NIS, brought a new, dramatic ending. Just like two weeks earlier in the Radivoj Korać Cup finals, one possession decided the outcome of the game, and tonight the winner was the home team, Crvena zvezda MTS.

At 55 seconds before the end, Jaramaz scored a 3-pointer and brought the black and whites +2, but on the other side, Ragland brought a tie. Then, Partizan NIS didn't use their offense, and Ragland used two free throws after a foul, 10 second before the end . Coach Trinchieri called for a timeout, and organized an action in which Marcus Paige shot for 3 points, but the ball didn't go through the hoop. Still, that wasn't the end of the drama! K.C. Rivers caught the ball, and the black and whites quickly made a foul, after which Rivers missed two free throws. There were four seconds left until the end, when Vanja Marinković caught the ball under his hoop and tried to secure overtime by going under the hoop. However, he didn't score.

The course of the game suggested a dramatic ending, even though both teams had substantial advantage at times (Partizan +7, Zvezda +8). Still, the already described final quarter, during which the black and whites' playmaker, Alex Renfore suffered an ankle injury, decided the outcome of the game. When asked about Renfroe's injury during the press conference, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said:

"I have no idea. He didn't die."

About the game, Trinchieri said:

"I congratulate Zvezda. We played badly, we had many players in cross-rhythm, but the team somehow hid that. We were in the game until the end without good play, that is a good thing, but in the end we lacked one offense and one defense. The only player that was in our way was Ojo, and we didn't find a solution for him. We missed open shots and in the end we had a chance to win, but something was missing, something is always missing. Zvezda has an exquisite team, with a lot of qualities. We made mistakes when we shouldn't have, Ragland scored 5 points in the last minute, he killed us. But, we were a team the entire time, we played badly, but we stayed in the game, mind and body", said Trinchieri.

Crvena zvezda MTS 

Ragland 18, Čović, Perperoglou 9, Davidovac, Lazić 10, Faye 5, Baron 12, Ristić, Simanić, Rivers, Zirbes, Ojo 16

Partizan NIS

N. Janković 9, Paige 4, Sy 2, Marinković 13, Jaramaz 12, Gegić, Veličković, Pecarski, Zagorac 5, Renfroe 8, Landale 13, Gagić 2

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović)