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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)

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Saturday, 27.02.2021 (17:00)


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14.02.2019 · 21:10

Partizan in the semi-finals of Radivoj Korać Cup

The black and whites defeated OKK Novi Pazar in the quarter-final game, with the score 102:72. The semi-finals against FMP is scheduled for Saturday, February 16, at 5 PM, in Čair Hall in Niš.

Partizan NIS' players successfully overcame the first obstacle in the final tournament of the national cup. In the quarter-final game, in Čair Hall in Niš, they defeated Novi Pazar with the score 102:72 and scheduled a semi-final match against FMP on Saturday, February 16, at 5 PM.

From the beginning of the game, the black and whites had an advantage that they increased throughout the game. Ognjen Jaramaz had his debut for Partizan, and he entered the game in the second quarter. Until the end of the game, the black and whites' advantaged increased steadily, and all the players that coach Trinchieri put on the roster tonight entered the game.

After the game, during the press conference, he said:

"First, I want to congratulate Novi Pazar and their coaches for a good game. We had the same system in Italy about 15 years ago: the first teams of the first and second leagues play in the cup with the first league teams. That's always good for basketball. They fought, they had good moments. We played well, we got the job done. That's the first step, now we have to prepare for the second step, but I want to congratulate them for the way they played and fought", said Trinchieri, and then he touched on the black and whites' next opponent.

"It will be a very hard game against FMP. Every coach says the same thing 'it will be hard and this and that', but it really will. They have been together for a long time, they know how to make you play bad basketball. The Cup is not for the front runners, one game, elimination, we have to be much better in discipline and execution, but t is not easy to play games like these with full concentration", the black and whites' coach pointed out.

Partizan NIS' guard, Amar Gegić, said:

"This is a very important win for us, we continued our winning streak and made a step towards our goal, and that is winning the Cup", said Gegić.

Partizan NIS

N. Janković 8, Paige, Trifunović 4, Sy 9, Marinković 3, Jaramaz, Gegić 3, Veličković 10, Pecarski 14, Renfroe 12, Landela 12, Gagić 27

Novi Pazar

Brunčević 3, Krstić 18, Nešović, Radonjić 21, Vujović 6, Slavković, Numanović 5, Eminbegović, Simeunović 3, Hadžifejzović 7, Berbakov 2, Merzette 7

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović)