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Wednesday, 27.01.2021 (17:30)

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Wednesday, 27.01.2021 (17:30)


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22.01.2019 · 20:51

An important victory for the black and whites in Monaco

In the fourth round of the EuroCup Top 16 phase, Partizan NIS defeated the team of Monaco in an away game, with the score 68:71 (17:23, 15:24, 11:15, 16:18).

Under the flags of fans from Serbia, Zurich, and Paris, Partizan opened the game well, and left the home team without points for several minutes. Before Kikanović scored the first points for Monaco, Partizan already scored 9. With a 3-pointer from Marinković, the black and whites came to a double-digit advantage. It was 12:2. Needham and Lacombe started scoring, so Monaco came to -4, but Partizan used the last 7 seconds of the first quarter well. After a quick action, Nikola Janković scored after an assist from Nikolić.

The second quarter began with a 3-pointer from Nikolić. On the other side, Buckner first blocked Landale, and then he had two attractive dunks. A series of fouls followed, a slower and less efficient play on both sides. Monaco managed the situation better, and 2 minutes before the end of the first half, they were in the lead. After Ouattara scored, the teams went on the break with +3 for the home team - 41:38. 

Kikanović started the second half just like the first, by scoring from a distance. Partizan quickly annulled the insignificant lead of Monaco. There wasn't more significant advantage for either team, until Alex Renfroe scored 7 points in a row at the beginning of the fourth quarter. As the end of the game approached, both teams became nervous and imprecise, so the score didn't change significantly. Gladyr lowered the difference to 4 points, but Marinković returned it to 6 after two free throws. As it was only a few seconds until the end of the game, it was evident that Partizan would win. Gladyr scored 3 free throws, and set the final score - 71:68 for the black and whites.

During the press conference after the game, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said:

"I believe that most of you want to know whether I'm angry that we didn't win up by 5, when we could have. No, I'm not. We came here and played against a team that beat us a week ago. We played a great game, good defense, good offense. Some mistakes cost us the point difference, but I believe that this was a great game. We missed a layup for a 5-point difference. But, you can't put a game in one move, one possession, one ball. It was an important ball, true, but there are 150 or 170 other possessions, and you could have done better in at least 50. This is basketball, and I never want to point a finger at my players. I have no regrets, and this is just another incentive for us to be better, another challenge"

Partizan NIS documented their second, and very important win in the EuroCup Top 16 phase. In the next round, the team of Rytas are coming to Belgrade. 


Barry, Needham 10, Lacombe 23, Cham, Gladyr 3, Kikanović 10, Lubaki,  Jones, Robinson 6, Buckner 7, Outtara 9, Joseph.

Partizan NIS

N. Janković 2, Paige 11, Sy 7, Marinković 13, Gegić, Veličković, Pecarski, Renfroe 20, S.Janković, Landale 2, Gagić 10, Nikolić 6.

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović, video: 7DAYS EuroCup)