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21.01.2019 · 12:17

The Steamroller at the French Riviera

The black and whites' expedition has arrived at Monte Carlo, where Partizan NIS will play against Monaco tomorrow, at 7PM.

The black and whites have arrived at Monaco, where they will meet the eponymous club in the fourth round of the 7DAYS EuroCup Top 16 phase. In the first game of tomorrow's rivals, Monaco defeated Partizan NIS in Belgrade last Tuesday, with the score 68;72, even though the black and whites were a step away from a big turnaround in the fourth quarter.

Seven days later, another duel is approaching, and before it, Marcus Paige says:

"At home, we played well for a quarter and a half against them, and now, we want to play like that for the entire game. Now we know what to expect, since they outsmarted us in the first game. We should handle their defense better, because that caused trouble for us in the first game, and we scored only 26 points in the first half. We have to respond to the energy. In the first game, they set the pace, and now we want to do that, because when we play our game, our physical defense, and when we play transition, we are hard to defeat. And when we play in the other team's style, that doesn't help us a lot. I hope that we will be able to dictate the pace and the outcome of the game", Paige pointed out.

Regarding tomorrow's game, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said:

"We played against Monaco six days ago, and we know whether it is black or white, or hot or cold. If they play their basketball, we can't do it. But, if we try to play ours, they might be in trouble. I don't expect anything different on their part, it will be the same thing. But on our part, something has to be different, we have to do something. But what? They walked in the first game, the rhythm was really slow, they dictated the pace and did everything very slowly. They gave us open shots, we didn't make anything, so the game was very hard for us during three quarters. We were down by 21, and we couldn't understand how to play. In the last quarter, we changed the pace, we were more aggressive, and we played differently. Now, whether we'll be able to play like that for 40 minutes - I don't know. But, we have to try", Trinchieri pointed out.

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović)