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Friday, 13.03.2020 (18:00)

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Friday, 13.03.2020 (18:00)


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19.01.2019 · 19:16

Triumph in Zadar after overtime

After 45 minutes of play in Krešimir Ćosić Hall, the black and whites documented an important victory, with the score 92:97 (23:20, 23:30, 19:19, 17:13, 10:15).

The Steamroller is coming back from Dalmatia with important points! In the 16th round of the ABA League, the black and whites were guests in Krešimir Ćosić Hall, and they defeated Zadar after overtime with the score 92:97. In a game in which the home team made an initial advantage, the black and whites took the lead halfway through the first quarter, but then Zadar made another turnaround, and finished the first quarter to their advantage. 

In the second quarter, Partizan NIS turned the score around, again, and in the third quarter, the black and whites' advantage was 14 points, which the home team managed to lower to only 4. The last quarter brought a real drama, from which either of the teams could have come out as a winner, but after all, overtime was inevitable.

The black and whites started the extra 5 minutes with a 3-pointer from Marcus Paige - who had 7/10 from the 6.75 line tonight - after which, they were constantly in the lead. Still, until the last offense for Partizan, the question of the winner wasn't settled. The home team tried to defend the black and whites' offense, in order to try and secure another overtime or a victory with a shot, but 7 seconds before the end, Vanja Marinković scored a 3-pointer for an unreachable 92:97 and an important triumph for Partizan.

At the press conference after the game, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said: 

"We won the game ten times, and lost it nine times. So, the extra one was crucial. I expected a game like this, Zadar are a tough team, and they have a big heart. We satrted off poorly, then we were a bit better, and we played well in the third quarter when we came to +14. Then we made some mistakes again, but  have to say that the home team had a few very nice moves. Little made a few hard shots, and we went into overtime. We were calm enough and smart enough in the overtime. A hard, hard game. I love playing in Zadar, this hall is, beside Pionir, my favourite. A great hall for basketball in which there were a lot of people tonight", said Trinchieri.


Bašić 15, Marić, Žorić 16, Krajina, Dašić 17, Vuković 4, Brzoja 2, Špralja 5, Little 20, Božić 13, Planinić

Partizan NIS

N. Janković 12, Paige 28, Trifunović, Sy 9, Marinković 13, Gegić, Veličković 4, Pecarski, Renfroe 10, S. Janković 10, Landale 6, Gagić 5

(Photo: Zvonko Kucelin / Zadar BC, video: ABA League / Zadar BC)