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12.01.2019 · 20:22

The black and whites convincing against Krka

In the 15th round of the ABA League, Partizan NIS' players defeated Krka in Belgrade, with the score 87:55 (20:11, 19:19, 22:11, 26:14).

A convincing win for Partizan in the 15th round of the ABA League. In Aleksandar Nikolić Hall, the black and whites defeated Krka from Novo Mesto, with the score 87:55, strengthening their position that leads to the regional championship playoffs. The game started with a 3-pointer for the guests, but Partizan NIS' players reciprocated quickly, and finished the first quarter to their advantage, with 20:11.


Until halftime, the black and whites' advantage didn't increase significantly, but in the following 20 minutes, the Steamroller eliminated the slightest doubt about the winner, with minutes for 11 players.

At the press conference after the game, the black and whites' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said:

"We were serious enough to play like we should have. Nothing fantastic, but that wasn't possible. The most important thing is that we got the job done. We had a long rotation, there were good moments, and we were serious in defense during the entire game. That's the key, if we play good defense, we play well", concluded the head of the coaching staff.

Partizan NIS

N. Janković 5, Paige 17, Sy 13, Marinković 3, Veličković, Pecarski 10, Zagorac 8, Renfroe 3, Janković 7, Landale 6, Gagić, Nikolić 15


Jančar 2, Škedelj 4, Osolnik, Bratož 5, Stipančev 3, Đepa 5, Fifolt 4, Balažič 8, Jošilo 9, Lalić 2, Lapornik 13

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović, video: ABA League / Partizan NIS BC)