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09.01.2019 · 21:35

The Steamroller outplayed ALBA

In the second round of the 7DAYS EuroCup Top 16 phase, the black and whites defeated the team from Berlin in Belgrade, with the score  78:66 (19:13, 18:15, 13:15, 28:23).

After the second round of the 7DAYS EuroCup Top 16 phase, Partizan NIS are in the first place in their group! All four teams have one win each, but the black and whites are, thanks to tonight's victory against ALBA with the score 78:66, in the first place. The packed stands of Aleksandar Nikolić Hall witnessed a rocky start to the game, which Partizan's players cracked near the end of the first quarter, reaching 19:13. Until halftime, the black and whites' advantage was even over 10 points, but the team from Berlin managed to go to the break with -9.

In the third and fourth quarters, the black and whites were in control of the game, and even had a 15-point advantage near the end, and they deservedly won.

At the press conference after the game, Partizan NIS' coach, Andrea Trinchieri, said:

"If there is a team win, this is a team win. We played good defense, we tried to pass the ball on offense. We played as a team through the mistakes, we were more consistent than usual, we were physical in defense. We won because we were able to put our bodies on the off ball movement of ALBA. We still received some buckets, but when you're able to keep ALBA under 70 points, that means you did a solid job", said Trinchieri and added:

"I respect everyone, and I don't want to be misunderstood. We all want to return Partizan, little by little, to , maybe not what it was, but close to it. I'm asking, from the bottom of my heart, to not throw anything on the court, that's not good for Partizan. We want to return Partizan to important basketball. I understand everything, but if I can have a small wish, that would be it", said Partizan NIS' coach.

Partizan NIS

N. Janković 11, Paige 10, Sy 10, Marinković 14, Veličković, Pecarski, Zagorac 8, Renfroe 2, S. Janković 2, Landale 13, Gagić 2, Nikolić 6


Saibou 2, Giffey 5, Hundt, Schneider, Hermannsson 16, Wagner 2, Giedraitis 11, Theimann 8, Clifford 5, Nnoko 5, Sikma 10, Peno 2

(Photo: Dragana Stjepanović, video: Partizan NIS BC)